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rley Jackson builds up Tessie Hutchinsons character so that she seems to deserve her execution. Of all the villagers, Tessie shows up late saying Clean forgot what day it was (para. 8). Even before the lottery begins, she is already guilty of tardiness and merits punishment just like a student disrupting a class. Then later, her attitude towards the lotterys development makes her whiny and annoying to the reader as much to her fellow villagers. When she discovers that her husband drew the paper with the black dot, Suddenly, Tessie Hutchinson shouted to Mr. Summers, `You didnt give him time enough to take any paper he wanted. I saw you. It wasnt fair! (para. 45). By turning the ill-fortune of their chance choosing into an accusation against Mr. Summers, who seems pretty innocent of this charge, Tessie sounds like a scold, a knee-jerk accuser. Of course, she has good reason to be upset, knowing that one of her family members face immediate death, but the way she goes about defending herself by attacking prejudices everyone, including the reader, against her. Then Tessie compounds her guilt by trying to drag in her daughter and her husband, Don and Eva, into the family grouping (para. 4), presumably to try to selfishly spare her children from the lottery. By the end of the story, Tessie has been reduced to that whiner, (It isnt fair, (para. 77)) that anyone would want to get rid of, by means of stoning or otherwise. In this way does Jackson make the reader even more guilty of association with the crime of the lottery, since he or she can fully understand why, illogically but emotionally, Tessie should die.

Just as Tessie did not willingly chose the paper with a dot on it, we do not chose to be born under any certain conditions, into a certain family, or with specific abilities. We rely on the luck of the draw so to speak, and build our life around what we are given. Some are born into poverty and/or into a low status in a caste system or have a disability of some form and are essentially condemned from the beginning which is of no fault of their own, while others are blessed from birth with riches, talents, and abilities that are to be commended. The Lottery is a condensed symbol is this concept because the destiny of the individual is left to fate without regard for the individual. The mass gathering and alliance to something they do not quite understand but still carry through is certainly a mirror image of the class and caste systems in societies. For example, people do not really understand why it is the rich that are usually more respected, the attractive more likely to be chosen for a job, and so on, even if those traits have been inherited and have nothing to do with their ability. The same holds true with The Lottery, only reversed. They were fair and impartial regarding who was chosen, but they viewed it was their duty to stone the person who was unlucky enough to have the dotted piece of paper without considering that he/she (Tessie, in this case) may have been an excellent asset and could have helped progress the community a great deal. Everyday injustices and discriminations based on pure luck take place, and everyday a TOn the eighth paragraph of ^The Lottery^, the character Tessie

Huchinson, comes rushing to the square because she ^clean forgot what

day it was^(74). This shows how easily a person can forget things. It

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also alludes to the murderous ritual when Tessie exclaims ^wouldn^t

have me leave m^dishes in the sink^. Why would anyone who is

participating in a lottery have to worry about dirty dishes, unless the

prize was something dreadful. Tessie appears to not take the ritual

seriously, possibly because of the amount of people in the village or

the fact she has been desensitized to the violent ritual. It can be

assumed that Tessie doesn^t know very much about the history of the

tradition because the man who is ^the official of the lottery^,(74)

Mr. Summers, doesn^t remember the history either.

essie is stoned.

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