Sunday, April 24, 2011

eat me

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John Erksine states it best in his book “The Complete Life”, “In simplest terms, a leader is one who knows where he wants to go, gets up, and goes.” I find myself exercising what Erksine preaches. I produce an idea, compose an itinerary to get there, and then gather a group and go. And once I finish the destined plan, such as creating a class competition in a pep assembly, I laud the people that helped me to get to the polished product. Generating quality activities and receiving respect through the breadth of my school from my peers and educators doesn’t come easily and I find it special that I

can do such a thing.

looke here pal, i dont really want to write an essay so im going to put all this shit and giberish about nothing until i get about 05 words and by them i will have everthing i need to look at the essay on affirmative action because that i s the only reason i am typing all this shit hopefulluy this will take less than a minute and oh look i thin it did damn emxicans

+US Navy Captain Mahan wrote the book mentioned above in which he argued that a strong navy was crucial to a country’s ambitions of securing foreign markets and becoming a world power. A war between Spain and America in the land of Cuba. Spanish misrule of Cuba,

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Large American investments in Cuban sugar, and the Monroe Doctrine all provided rational justification for US intervention between Spain and Cuba.

ok so i dont have 50 words yet this is a whole lot of shit this is taking mroe than a minute fucking mxicans

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