Thursday, April 28, 2011

Japanese Quince

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John Galsworth in the Japanese Quince demonstrates that no matter what opportunity is brought before someone who has a strong routine their life may be too over powered to be able to change. The two men in this story are similar to clocks. They both have the same routine that they repeat every single day without changing a thing. Dressing the same and never changing their appearance they go on with their day-to-day activities.

Clocks are a display of time; time is a repetitive thing that doesn’t change. The men in this story are just like clocks. They have a set time to everything at and they will be done at the same time everyday. They cannot step out of their day-to-day plan or else the rest of their day will be off. When new ideas or situations are brought to mens attention there nothing can be done, clocks dont have any room for new time, they cannot be extended in anyway. It is impossible for a clock to go backwards, or in a different direction. That is what these men feel like inside their heads, that it is impossible for them to change.

Because these two men are so set in their ways and their patterns it would be hard for them to even imagine doing something different or out of the ordinary. For example driving to work a different way or exploring the gardens by walking through the flowers and not following the path, / eating different foods or reading a magazine in the morning instead of the newspaper. These ideas have not even crossed their minds. Just like I clock has never tried to rotate in a square instead of circle.

If you listen, you will hear the second hand ticking away the minutes and hours on a clock. Just as these men may hear an inner clock inside of them, ticking away the days of there lives. They know, inside of themselves, exactly what they will be doing at exactly what time and exactly where they will be at a certain time each day. They have their lives planned out, almost to the exact second.

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I think these men would be afraid they would not be reliable if they changed anything about themselves, just as we rely on clocks for dependability. Perhaps these men are so dependent in their ways that they think they would let the world down if they changed anything about themselves. Both men are afraid they would physically feel different if they changed their appearance. They would feel like they were different people, neither men know anything different from what life they live. They feel comfortable and reliable doing the same thing every day. Their lives are a clock. The same thing over and over again.

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