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In the future I plan to be a nurse. My major right now is nursing. I want to become a nurse because I care about people. I don’t like to see people in pain. My plan so far is to attend college and do the best I can to get into the nursing program. I have been told by many people that becoming a nurse isn’t easy, but they haven’t scared me away from pursuing my dream. In order for me to get in I have to have at least a B average or I will be turned down. I promise myself that I would do it and I will because I don’t make empty promises. I believe that I can do it because I have many people in my family who are nurses if they can become a nurse then I have no doubt in my mind that I can also.

Once I am in the nursing program, I will try to do my best. After I complete college I will attend a nursing school. In the end I hope that I will become a registered nurse hopefully, I will get a job in a hospital or a nursing home. I haven’t decided to do nursing for the money, so I will take a job anywhere that needs me, no matter what the pay is just as long as I can make a difference. Once I am settled in my job, I plan to continue my education. There are always advances in medicine so it’s important that I am aware of it. If I have a lot of education and skill, then I’ll always be able to get a job. My mother tells me that the farther I go in getting an education, the better my chances are for success and comfortable living.

I have been interested in medicine for as long as I can remember. I would watch all the television programs that have to do with medicine. The shows that I would watch were about things such as major surgery, birth, and emergency situations like a shooting or car accident. I always wondered what it would feel like to save a person’s life. I wondered what it feels like to be those doctors and nurses. So when I become a nurse, I will finally know what it feels like. I first thought about becoming a nurse when I was watching a movie about a woman with cancer. I wanted so very much to help ease her pain. I watched how the doctor and the nurses looked after her and I knew that I could do the same.

Once I have been a nurse for a good long time, I am going to start my own business that will take care of individuals that aren’t very fortunate. I plan to work on under privileged people; I have heard many stories of people not being treated because they do not have the means to pay. I don’t believe that because someone doesn’t have enough money, they don’t deserve a chance to be healthy the same way as a person with money. I have seen programs about children that are very sick and they just need a little caring to get better, but their parents don’t have much money so they can’t afford to go to the doctor. I once watched a show about a woman who died when she only needed a special injection to keep her alive, but she couldn’t because there wasn’t any money left for her to receive the drug she needed. When I am a nurse I intend to work on people even if they don’t have the money for medical attention.

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My life plans are very important to me; it’s has basically given me a reason for being here on earth. My purpose will be to give people caring and understanding. The lives of people will be in my hands and I hope that I will help make them live a long and healthy life. I will be very happy when I have succeeded in doing all I have planned. If I only end up being a nurse that is still an accomplishment in its own.

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