Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Misunderstanding

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“Hey I said I am sorry. Could you just stop for a moment and listen to what I have got to say?” I said.

“No, because the very sight of you makes my blood boil!” my friend replied.

“Let us have a talk about this matter, you and I al…” before I could even finish my sentence, the door was slammed in front of my face and I stood outside the house dumbfounded.

“Great, just great” I muttered. I walked slowly out of the estate thinking about this whole dumb misunderstanding. The incident happened a week ago during one of our class gatherings. My friend, Billy, and I were best of friends before this misunderstanding occurred. Even I myself was not sure how everything happened but it seemed that during the chalet, Billy’s one hundred and fifty dollar Spaulding basketball was stolen. And for some reason or another, the blame was pushed onto me. How unfair could things be? From what I know, someone started a rumour and thus it ended up in this state. But who could it be, I pondered. Things got so bad that Billy confronted me one day. I could still remember that heated argument that day.

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“I have always treated you as a friend but you need not resort to such underhand methods” Billy said coldly.

“I do not understand what are you talking about” I replied, surprised at Billy’s sudden change in attitude towards me.

“Do not act dumb with me. Let me get to the point, they said you stole my basketball during the chalet is that a fact?”

“What? Of course not! Who are they anyway?”

“Is that of any concern to you? Do you lie?”

“No. Since you strongly believe what you heard, I doubt what I say is going to change your opinion”

After that, I just turned and left. It has already been three days. Being moody, I took a stroll at the park after that quarrel at his house. Lost in my thoughts, I walked through the endless pathway pondering over what has happened. As I was walking, I met up with two of my classmates, Rugal and Krizalid. As I was about to greet them, I saw them holding a basketball. It was Billy’s! I recognized that ball from the Billy’s small signature on the ball. I walked up to them and greeted them.

“Hi guys. That’s a branded basketball you have there” I said, trying to find some clues on how they got the ball.

“Well thanks. We got to rush now. Bye” Krizalid said quickly.

“Wait wait. You do know that Billy lost his basketball a few days ago and I was wondering by any chance that ball you are holding is his”

“Are you trying to say that we actually stole it”

“Or so I believe. Can you prove that it actually belongs to you?”

“You are asking too much questions. It is always good to learn to when to keep one’s mouth shut” Rugal said, menacingly.

“What if I refuse?”

“Then a little pain will do the trick” Krizalid said and at the same time, he aims a punch at my face. As the pro I am, I easily dodged his attack. Rugal then came from my left but again I dodged it easily.

“Ha! I bet you cannot even kill a fly with those wimpy ‘movements’” I taunted them.

After ten minutes of furious dodging, they were finally exhausted and I dispatched them easily. I dragged them to Billy’s house and forced the two thieves to explain the truth. Billy then phoned up the school office to deal with them. I then let them off.

“Well, that settles it. Well, sorry about that misunderstanding. I should have trusted you from the start” Billy said, embarrassed.

“No problem! Why should I even put such small matters to heart?” I said with a smile.

After that, everything was back to normal and the two boys were given a few strokes of the cane as a lesson. Well, I was glad I managed to ‘save’ this friendship and learnt that friendship is a very delicate thing and should be very careful with it. A small thing like a misunderstanding could crack this delicate beauty.

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