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Ancient Greek Civilizations

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Ancient Greek Civilization has had one of the most lasting and profound effects

on all society and cultural developments. Ancient Greek Societies centered around

the development and prosperity of their city-states; two set the stage, making

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indelible impressions Sparta and Athens. Mountains and bodies of water kept the

cities separated and that kept them from uniting into one country. Instead of one

ruler for all of the city-states together, the Greeks preferred having their own

government. The democratic government of Athens was the beginning of democracy in Western civilization; citizens were given freedom of speech and a voice in making laws. The Assembly, which made laws, included all adult male citizens, meet once a week to discuss and debate such matters as spending money, the need for new laws, declaring war, and making peace. The male citizens took turns being government officials. The officials were responsible for organizing the city’s defenses, keeping up the food supply, and maintaining public buildings. Male citizens also served on juries during court trials. The citizens enjoyed freedom of speech, including the right to criticize their leaders. Women, slaves, and foreigners did not have as many rights given to male citizens.

Athenians were very much interested in art, literature, science, mathematics,

and philosophy. The Athenians were skilled architects who erected beautiful

temples and public buildings. The Greeks enjoyed stories, poems, plays, and tales of

historical events. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle are the world’s first philosophers.

Because of there philosophical ideas they influenced people to change their way of

thinking on many subjects.

Art literature, mathematics and philosophy did not appeal to the Spartans. They

were mainly interested in a military life which prepared boys and men for self

defense and war. The Spartan citizens had to be ready to defend themselves against

a revolt by the helots. The helots had been taken prisoner during

wars and forced into slavery. Once a year, the Spartans declared war on the helots

thereby giving them an excuse to kill suspected trouble makers. Instead of seven

year old boys learning to read and write they spent there time running, jumping,

wrestling, and using a weapon. At age of twenty, they became cadets who policed

the country and kept the helots under strict control. At age thirty a man was

given the rights of a citizen including the right to hold office, attend meetings, and

get married. The women of Sparta lived in a more free life than women elsewhere.

The women had to care for the home; many found time to participate in sports.

Women were also allowed to own businesses and property

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