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Clearly the first change that needs to be made is to bring in a government that will

defend its own peoples. The indigenous people of Bolivia, as well as those people

collecting in towns, are in need of a defense and a voice. That voice should not be the

voice of the few rich, but of the many. Without government participation, in a positive

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way, the conditions in Bolivia will continue to worsen. The only way Bolivia’s peoples

and trees can be saved is through heavy excise taxes and tax break incentives. If Bolivia

would impose a large tax on all the mahogany woods leaving the country it would

produce several relieving changes.

First of all this would give the Bolivian government more money, and, assuming

that government is now in line with the needs of it’s peoples, it could shore up many of

Bolivia’s problems. This money could be used to impose stricter security, and impose

strict and harsh fines on those companies that do not ask permission or take more trees

then allotted. Hopefully this extra enforcement would allow the indigenous people’s

involvement and authority. They could decide for themselves how much wood would be

logged, when to log it, and what methods would be used. Ideally this money could also

be used to set aside forests of the endangered trees as national parks, and provide

adequate living space for the indigenous peoples. This money could also be used for

research, either for the trees themselves, better planting methods, finding the best soil

conditions for planting or into the logging of the trees, to develope cleaner, cheaper, less

labor intensive methods.

To make sure that everyone was being benefited by the taxation it may be

plausible to offer tax breaks to some of the logging companies. If individual logging

companies met certain requirements, perhaps high average wages for Bolivians, money

spent on replanting trees, money spent on research for more environmentally friendly

logging may earn tax credits. In short, give the logging firms incentives for good


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