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Chicken Run

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Jamie Wilson Chicken Run

In my essay i will try to explain and show how film

makers use presentational devices to give the

audience clues about the characters and action in

Custom Essays on Chicken Run

the film . I will also try to look at camera angles,

costume , lighting , setting , music , sound effects

and characterisation . Using the characters of

Ginger , Mrs Tweedie and Mr Tweedie i am going

to find out how the film makers use character

interaction to create more meaning for the audience

and i will specifically look at the creation of Ginger

as a good character and Mrs Tweedie as an evil

character .

The opening scene creates tension and

sense and sets up the plot of the film . First thing

you see is a full moon which is ominous and sets

up an almost spooky scene as it goes along with the

music . Then you see a group of chickens trying to

escape which sets up the whole plot of the story .

You also see Mr Tweedie marching along the

perimeter fence as though he is a guard in a

concentration camp constantly watching the

prisoners . When the chickens get caught escaping

that gives a lot of tension as you dont know what is

going to happen to Ginger as she could be killed .

The scenery and clothing gives an idea of an almost

war-like film as the camp has barbed wire , dogs

and chickens trying to escape . When Ginger runs

onto the doorstep she seems scared of the dogs as

she has no where else to go , but then Mrs Tweedie

opens the door and it gives a heavenly glow of light

around her as though she is Gingers saviour . The

makes Mrs Tweedie seem tall like the boss as the

camera looks up at her . Then the first angelic

picture of Mrs Tweedie is shattered as she shouts at

Mr Tweedie and orders him around like a slave .

Mr Tweedie seems scared of Mrs Tweedie as

though he is a real coward , but then as he puts

Ginger in the coal bunker he seems big as he shouts

at the chickens .

In the next scene i am focusing on the

part when Edwina the chicken gets killed by Mrs

Tweedie for producing no eggs . First of all it

showed the big stomping boots of Mrs Tweedie

as it showed her dominance as though she is the

most dominant person on the farm . Also the

chickens were on a level with Mrs Tweedies black

boots which makes the chickens look small and at

her mercy . This scene also shows how determined

Ginger is on escaping form the farm as she came

from sad to arranging a meeting in hut 17 on how

to escape .

In the next scene when the chicken pie

making machine arrives we see a very good

example of Mrs Tweedies evil nature . You see an

extreme close up of the blades from the machine

with Mrs Tweedies reflection in itwhich shows the

destruction of the chickens . As Mrs Tweedie

leaves the farm thw camera angle gives a long shot

of Mr Tweedie as it is his only companion as Mrs

Tweedie leaves him alone to do all the work . The

close up then of Mrs Tweedie and the machine

shows the partnership that they will soon have .

The next part of the film i am going to look at and

study is the scene when Rocky ( apparently ) flys

in over the fence and seems to be the saviour , but

really hes a fake . Everybodys hopes rise and all

the chickens have a big moral uprising . Then you

can hear some dangerous music as it seems to be

turning into the scene when Edwina gets killed .

Mrs Tweedie walks down with the boots again on

the same level as the chickens . The camera gives a

long shot of the chickens behind the fence which

reinforces the idea of extreme confinement . Also

another camera shot gives the chickens looking up

at Mrs Tweedie which makes the chickens look

insignificant . Then Mrs Tweedie bends down and

measures Babss stomach size and you can hear

heavenly music as though she has been saved .

Then Mrs Tweedie shows a sinister smile which

gives another hint of her evilness .

In the next scene it

shows Mrs Tweedie stroking the machine like they

are now partners in crime . It also shows Mr

Tweedies stupidity and Mrs Tweedies

determination to get the chickens and make money

for herself . It shows her dream and a slight smile .

In the next it begins with a moonlit sky and a

close up of them them trying to confess to each

other . Rocky gets confused and it shows an

extreme close up of Ginger putting her hand on

Rockys . Ginger reveals her softer side to Rocky .

Theyve earned each others respect and trust .

In the next scene it shows an extreme close up of

sad face . Circus music echoes around as Ginger

puts the rest of the poster on the wall . Thunder ,

lightning and rain starts as it dampens the spirits of

the chickens . It shows an extreme close up of the

spoon , mud and fence as the camera moves away

from all hope as if all attempts has failed .

In the Great escape scene there is happy , victorious

music . There is a long shot of the rat and the aisle

of the plane with all the chickens united in a last

attempt for freedom . There is also a long shot of

plane down the runway . Ginger inspires fowler as

other chickens panic which shows Ginger is noble .

There is an extreme close up of the wheels leaving

the floor which shows it is working . At the end of

that scene when the rope was cut the camera looked

down at Mrs Tweedie which showed that her power

had diminished .

In the final scene all the chickens are

happy together . There is a long shot of all chickens

playing together . It is all bright and colourful in

contrast to the farm . THEY ARE FINALLY FREE

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