Thursday, June 16, 2011


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In this book the Giver an old man gives all the memories of a word such as ours to a boy named Jonah. In this world there is no color love, or twins and the babies and children are bred by a special people who have the job of birthmother.Then they are adopted away. everybody in the town has a special but awkward job. The giver tells Jonah of a place such as our normal world. After Jonah learns of the world before he becomes anxious to escape and discover if their is a color outside world in which there is love and normal families.The more vision that Jonah receives the motre is what is beyong his dull. The giver later tells Jonah how he and his own dinner breakfast, and everything else there else that they do is monitoring and controlling. The giver later gives Jonah his baby brother whos twin gets killed by Jonah dad. the rest of the book is about the vision that Jonah has and explains how the Giver is the keeper of memories from the village from hundreds of years ago. the ending of the book is somewhat uncertain, since you dont know if Jonatah makes it out of a desrt into a new, better world, or if the whole thing is a mirage, to Jonah.The more vision that Jonah receives the more painful they become. He also begins to become more and more anxious about discovering what is beyong his dull and controlled town

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