Wednesday, June 15, 2011

dear editor on gun licence

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Dear Editor,

I believe that it is not the gun that murders a person, it is the person and I also think that when people apply for their gun license they should have a psychological test done to prove eligible for a license.

If the government ban guns this will only lead to more illegal guns on the streets, which may also lead to there being a higher crime rate.

I also believe that everyone shouldn’t be punished for the crime of one person because this has been the first death caused by a licensed handgun in over 1000 years.

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If there is an amnesty, people won’t want to give in their guns and most people would probably keep them because they figure that they could make money selling them rather than giving them in and getting no money.

There are over 46,86 legal pistols in Vic, 1,547 between 600 owners and there aren’t any troubles coming from them and most of them would be shocked hearing or reading about the shootings at monash.

I think that there should be a crackdown on people that can get a gun license because at the moment someone on a temporary visa can get a gun and ammunition.

John Howard also said that the banning will not affect legal gun owners but I think that the argument will probably finish with them being blamed for murders happening and then the laws will be applied towards them.

The focus for the bans should be thought more towards the responsibility of the owner and not the gun or the types of guns.

If the government try a buy back scheme most people will probably give there gun in because they are getting money for the gun.

Speaking with 774s Jon Faine, he says hes considering psychological tests for prospective gun owners, along with a range of other measures.

But sporting shooters say competitive pistol shooting at an elite level requires some gun availability. Bruce Quick is a medal-winning Commonwealth Games Pistol Shooter who told Jon Faine that sporting shooters must have access to their guns.

Mr. Howard and state premiers agreed to a 1 point gun control plan, including a national buy-back scheme, an amnesty for gun owners and tighter licensing rules. Victims of crime have expressed reservations about the Prime Ministers proposed buy back of handguns, which will hopefully bring a lot of the illegal guns of the streets and bring down the crime rate, but it could also bring an opposite outcome.

In conclusion I think that there shouldn’t be a total ban of all guns and that if there are bans, the bans shouldn’t affect the sporting shooters.

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