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Discontent of Chinese People

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Dissatisfaction of the Chinese People

Mao Zedong contained many works to change China. Mao Zedong acquire authority after overthrowing Chang Chichek after World War II. This effort by Mao Zedong successfully threw capitalism out of China and Chang Chichek and other capitalist escaped to countries south of China for example Taiwan and other nearby nations. Chang chichek bared with him China’s entire gold treasury. Mao Zedong now had to run a country on the verge of economic crumple, he had to raise money otherwise China would go bankrupt. However,

this communism improvement of China was the only triumphant reform made by Mao Zedong. His first attempt was the great leap. This was to update China in a rapid phase of time, this effort was unsuccessful. Mao Zedong considered that the basis this failed was for the reason that the Chinese nation was still following their old traditions. He contemplated that under the condition that he could get rid of these traditions he could bring China up to date. When he attempted this action, the Chinese got angry for the reason that they had been committed to their traditions for innumerable centuries. In the movie we watched “The Great Leap” there were quite a few instances of people being miserable for the reason that the changes Mao Zedong was making. Mao Zedong did zero but trick the Chinese nation over and over again to hide from view his own faults as an alternative of admitting them. Mao Zedong did nothing but deceive the Chinese people because he was a continuous disappointment.

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Some of these instances were

During the great leap, peasants were set land only as a result that Mao Zedong would acquire their decent side and so they would back him up. In the midpoint of the great leap, he took back all the evil stuff he did and put the Chinese in great communes. He said he accomplished this for the reason that people were simple to provide for if they were all as one. He furthermore stated he completed this because if the communes competed with each other, then they

will be more motivated and work harder to beat the other communes. This

made the peasants angry since he first assured the people to provide the land once he was the leader of China.

He achieved this and all was going well until

he grasped it back. The families were divided. For a period of time people were ok with living in large communes but then Mao Zedong started to overdo it and made the people work too hard and they got angry for that. Then Mao Zedong left China for a period of time awaiting all this to go away. Then, at the time he arrived back he held responsible the failure of the great leap on old traditions. He also said that our old traditions are what are holding us from success.

First people considered that he was doing the right thing. Then after all the modifications, people in progress began to see that the whole thing was still the same. If nothing they reached in the past.

During the Cultural Revolution Mao Zedong stated that the more steel they make the more pleasant their lives would be. Then people began to contribute everything they owned which was made of steel. Everyone made steel all day and nothing else. After that they realized that the steel they made was weak and broke simply. They realized that they had done all this work and wasted all their steel goods for nothing. And if that was not enough they saw that while they were making the steel their farming fields rotted and they had nothing to eat. More than 0,000,000 people of China died because of Mao Zedong’s mistake. The people of China were furious.Then Mao Zedong told them that the reason their crop fields died was because of bacteria and parasite. He began a huge campaign saying that the microscopic world was to blame for the faman that killed more that twenty million Chinese people. And once again the Chinese people fell for his gimmick. He led his campaign with propaganda videos, which showed people working hard to clean their living areas. People were motivated by this and also started cleaning their living areas and houses. People also cleaned their areas of the street out side their houses

In conclusion, it is said that Mao Zedong did zilch other than trick the trusting

people of China for the reason that he continually kept fading. Initially he took land back from the peasants and overworked them. Next, when that was unsuccessful he held the old traditions responsible. Then once he started to make steel and found out that every part of the steel made, had no use and that he was accountable for 0,000,000 deaths he held responsible, the rotting of the crops on bacteria and parasites. Then he declared a campaign to disinfect China that was also a catastrophe. He constantly was unsuccessful and constantly kept deceiving the Chinese people to conceal his failures as an alternative of coming clean with them.

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