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Drugs and Alchohol

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How many teenagers do you know that can honestly say that they have never experimented with any type of drug before, whether it being alcohol, marijuana, or even tobacco? Being a teenager is full of challenges and pressures and it is not uncommon to have difficulties coping with social pressures related to drug and alcohol use. Teenagers of the new millennium face more challenges with dealing with the pressures of drug and alcohol use more than ever before.

Statistics show that an increasing amount of teenagers are experimenting with alcohol and other drugs more and more. As a result, teen drug and alcohol use is becoming a huge concern. Teens believe that smoking marijuana and binge drinking is becoming a necessity in order to have a good time. In fact, statistics have shown that one in 16 high school students smoke marijuana daily and an unbelievable 81% of high school students say that they use alcohol.

Being a teenager is a time for trying new things, as it is a time with more freedom. As one grows older, it is only correct that parents believe they can trust their children and give more leisure time to spend with their friends. In many cases, teenagers will drink and do drugs to be accepted by their peers. Today being accepted by peers is critical. Teenagers who are shy, lonely and maybe lacking in self-confidence often find that drugs and alcohol transform them into the life of the party. Everyone is very concerned about self-image and how they appear to others. To some, drinking and drugs is their key to social success.

In the same way, teenagers are tempted to experiment with drugs as they want to be seen grown up, as a risk taker, or may simply just be curious. Teens often want to be like their role models. Therefore, if their favourite music group sings songs about drugs, or see that their older sibling, or ‘cool’ friend at school uses drugs or alcohol, they may also want to use drugs or alcohol to follow their lead. When some teenagers see that other teens are drinking or smoking drugs without getting caught, these people appear glamorous. In result, they may want to follow in their footsteps.

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Experimenting with alcohol and drugs is a personal decision, however is greatly influenced by the peer pressure of others. Today peer pressure is seen as one of the most horrid challenges that teenagers have to face. When at a party and decide not to drink or do drugs, but everyone else is doing it, it is very easy to feel out of place. When people are pressuring you to try something and calling you names for not doing it, it is very easy to collapse and try it. Everyone wants to be popular, and saying no to drugs and alcohol is seen to be unpopular. Peer pressure is always there, but cannot always be controlled. The only way to fight it is to be strong and say, No!

It is proven that drug and alcohol use is beginning at an earlier age than it has been in the past. The average age of first alcohol use is 1 and average age of first drug use is 1. This makes it even harder to turn down the temptations of experimenting with drugs, as children are trying it at such an early age. They may not have the correct knowledge on drugs and alcohol and most of all, may not be mature enough to make the right decision on whether to use the drug or not.

The media is another major factor which influences teens to experiment with different types of drugs and alcohol. The impact of media has changed greatly compared to years before. The media in the new millennium will do anything to sell their product and make money. Tobacco and alcohol companies are now spending around nine billion dollars a year on advertising their products in the media. This proves that young people are constantly being exposed to images and behaviours of drug and alcohol use on television.

Advertising for alcohol has doubled in the past ten years. What impression do the present beer commercials give to teens? Today beer commercials are made so comical, it persuades teens to drink and try their product. In fact, 56% of students in grades 5-1 say that alcohol advertising encourages them to drink.

The increased availability of drugs and alcohol also affects the choices made by teenagers. Drugs are now more freely available then they have ever been before. Marijuana now is a different substance than it has been in the past. It is approximately 15 times more potent, and perhaps for this reason, teens are more intrigued to experiment with drugs and try to reach the feeling of being ‘high’. The easy availability of drugs in most communities is very well known, and seems that more beer and liquor stores are being built every day.

The pressure of drugs and alcohol are increasing all the time. It is a continuous problem, and now one of the most important challenges that teenagers face. At times the social and media pressures make it very hard to turn down the use of drugs and alcohol, and is tough for all teenagers.

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