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english literature- love poems, villlegiature

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Yes, this is the woman who more famously wrote The Railway Children and other childrens novels. The title refers to the French word for a holiday or a retreat. Nesbits personal life was a fairly torrid one and she spent much of her time in a small French village by way of escape from the trials and tribulations of her life. Four verses, each with four lines. The poem features a simple abab rhyme scheme assisted by a lilting and romantic rhythm, although I must confess that the final verse can assume ludicrous proportions if the rhythm is strictly adhered to! Locked in her little garret away from the prying eyes of the world, she gazes out through her bedroom window, framed in pear-tree bloom. It is a romantic view. This is enhanced by the obvious references to Romeo and Juliet, the star crossed lovers of Shakespeares play. The ghost of a man climbs into her room uninvited. The fact that he is uninvited is interesting. Perhaps she is delighted that he should come to her without her encouragement. Perhaps she no longer wishes to see him? Perhaps the relationship has broken down, causing her to flee, yet his memory still haunts her! She acknowledges that the actual man is a long way away from her. The use of leagues brings a faintly archaic feel to the poem - a term long since out of use and consigned to more romantic times in the middle ages and even before that. She feels that he will not have even noticed that she had gone at all. He will be deep in dull books. Is this more a case of infatuation for someone else who is unaware of the attention being paid to them? Does he know that she is in love with him? Has he even noticed her? Perhaps she has run away because she has finally come to terms with the fact that he has no feelings, or even knowledge of her! Perhaps she has simply discovered that the person who she has fallen apparently in love with is really quite unsuitable - he bores her! The Romeo and Juliet theme is developed when she mentions Romeo in the second line. Perhaps these are a pair of star crossed lovers. Maybe there is no hope for their relationship anyway! What if he is already married? Whatever is the case, the relationship is doomed yet her passions are strong. Perhaps she has fallen in love with a writer or even a teacher. His ghost approaches her in the way that he has taught her through the works of Shakespeare. Or maybe she is trying desperately to picture the man in a romantic setting. Maybe he is so book bound and learned that he cannot give her any of the romantic attention that she so craves. She loves to listen to him, is able to listen to him through until the dawn but cannot feel any real love for him because his love or attention consists no more than simple words. The final verse is one of resolution. She has finally broken out of her dream and comes to terms with her inner thoughts. He has said such pretty things to her and has obviously a fine command of the language - what pearls of song you threaded for me but as the vague ghost of a passionate young man disappears back into her imagination she is left with the objective view of a man who, despite her romantic inclinations and maybe his romantic approaches, still stirs nothing more tangible than a sense of boredom for her. Her mind has played tricks on her. She fantasises of a romantic encounter but realises that she doesnt really love him.

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