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Frankenstein Essay

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There are many things we, as human beings, have the ability to do. Many of them good and just as many of them bad. There are many situations in Frankenstein which makes you question right and wrong, such as the creation of another life, prejudgment, and murder. With all of the abilities that we are capable of there has to be a limit somewhere saying that just because we can doesn’t always mean that we should.

Victor Frankenstein had the ability to create another human being. Which could have been a good thing but in his case it wasn’t. His intention was to free the world of death, to renew life where death had apparently devoted the body to corruption. It was like he was trying to play God. Frankenstein goes too far and creates a “monster”, which he immediately rejects. He leaves the monster alone without teaching him anything or helping him out in any way. By doing so, it adds to the monsters hatred for humans. Frankenstein’s creation comes back with the intentions to destroy him. His experiment turns into his own enemy. I think that the creature was basically good but turned into a monster after everyone rejected him. I think that creation of life should be in God’s hands only and man shouldn’t interfere with another’s life.

After creating this monster Frankenstein rejects him because of his horrible appearance. All the other people don’t have anything to do with him for the same reasons. Frankenstein didn’t give the creature a name or identity. In reality the monster is really sensitive but at the same time very misunderstood. Which leads him to violence and revenge. The monster is then forced to hate people. The monster’s sadness causes him to destroy Frankenstein’s life. Frankenstein dies without realizing the full impact of his role as a creator. I think that if Frankenstein had just gave his creation a chance he would have turned out to be a really nice person instead of an evil monster.

The monster orders Frankenstein to create another creature, a woman who will become his friend. He agrees and almost finishes the woman creature until he is disgusted by the thought of two such monsters and destroys it before bringing it to life. The creation then murders Elizabeth on the Frankenstein’s wedding night and also ends up killing his brother. After Elizabeth was killed Frankenstein was determined to kill his creation. He didn’t succeed in killing the monster but the monster succeeds in killing almost everyone that Frankenstein cares about. I believe murder is a way in playing God and that death should also stay in Gods hands.

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Just because people have the power and ability to do something, it doesn’t always mean that we should do it. People should always know where to draw the line between right and wrong. People should always have an open mind and not judge people before they really know who they are and where they’re coming from. People shouldn’t try and play God in any way to make things go their way because things will always backfire when they try to interfere with Gods creations.

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