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Harry Potter and Voldemort the Great

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In Harry Potter, Olliverander called Voldemort a great wizard because Voldemort is a powerful wizard and had a large following due to the dark uses of power. Voldemort is a wizard that accumulates power through bullying, cohering, and devisee means. Harry’s greatness is different than Voldemort’s in that his power comes from love, mercy, and his ability to feel sorry to be picked upon. Harry is a natural leader.

In the book Hagrid tells Harry about how Voldemort was a very powerful wizard and had many followers. Also Olliverander tells Harry that Voldemort had done “many

great things terrible but great.” (85) For example, most people were afraid of Voldemort because of his strong and mighty powers. His magic was so powerful that you would not

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want to be in Voldemort’s way, or ZAP you would be gone. If you were a wizard and you did not follow Voldemort he would try to destroy you. He used Quirrell body to get to Harry and the sources stone, but when he failed he let Quirrell die.

Another example of Voldemort dark power is that he kills Harry’s parents, who were great wizards, however they were wizards from the enlighten side. They’re for they were threat to his greatness. From reading the book only one powerful wizard could destroy another. Voldemort was unable to kill Harry since Harry’s parents had died because they had protected him with there magic.

When Harry’s parents were murdered Voldemort became weak and transferred himself to Professor Quirrell’s body. Voldemort used Professor Quirrell body to obtain information on how to get the source’s stone. This would give Voldemort the aliment power and return to his body. When Quirrell failed he showed no mercy and let him die.

Harry was a great wizard as well and better than Voldemort. Harry’s parents were both great wizards in their own right. Hagrid tells Harry that his parents were in the top of their class at Hogwarts. In fact, in the beginning of the book all the wizards where celebrating because Voldemort had disappeared after destroying Harry’s parents and Harry was still alive. Harry Potter is mentioned in many of the wizard books. Children of

wizard families knew who Harry Potter was. At Hogwarts, Harry sticks up for the helpless, pick about and try’s to help all. He learns and looks for knowledge for it’s own

sake, no to build more power.

Part of the reason that Harry becomes a great wizard is that he spends his first ten years living with his adopted family who are muggles. His Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon and Cousin Dudley treat Harry like a servant. Most of the time Harry has to live in the cupboard under the stairs with all the spiders. Sometimes his Aunt and Uncle don’t always feed Harry his meals. Dudley beats Harry up a lot of times; he always gets Harry in deep trouble. Uncle Vernon always yells at Harry for no reason. Harry had love and compassion, which kept him from doing anything bad. He just puts up with it. When Harry finds out that he is a wizard, he does not misuse his powers. Harry dose not return the suffering, pain, and hunger to his Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin. Harry understands what it is to be treated unfairly and to be powerless to change things.

Harry is a greater wizard then Voldemort because Harry represents the forces of good. The forces of dark are also powerful which is what Voldemort represents. It is the

uses of this power that makes a differents. It is an example of good winning over evil, but both sides have power. The scourers stone goes t Harry because he will know how to use it and does not seek it.

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