Thursday, June 16, 2011

Harry Potter

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I dont think the trio will survive the final battle. I have a strong suspicion that Ron may die, perhaps saving Harry. A lot of you talk about foreshadowing. Ron has been made to have an apparently lesser role than Hermione, while keeping it straight that he will be Harrys best friend no matter what. Why was he distanced for substantial periods of time in both POA and GOF? Why has he been given an attitude that is getting on both Hermione and Harrys nerves?(admittedly less for Harry) Why have Harry and Hermione become closer while Ron gets into fights with both of his companions? Both of which become non-speaking terms. It just seems as though were being prepared for something to happen to Ron. There was the quote from the centaurs re the unicorns that the innocent are the first to die both Rons wands have had unicorn hair cores. Cedric had a unicorn hair core wand. Also the fact he sacrificed himself for the other two in the chess game in PS and said he would die for Harry in the confrontation with Sirius in POA. If thats true, then the Emma of the HP series would be Harry himself, not Hermione because Harry is the star of the book. Hermione falls into the category of the girl whose been right under his nose the whole time, not Ginny. At least thats how its been written so far. Lets see just how valuable Hermione is to Harry, a few examples

Hermione was very instrumental in helping Harry to solve the mysteries of the PS [SS in America] and CoS and was at his side during all the intense moments of PoA [not to mention that it was also her that enabled them to travel through time]. She helped him pass his first & third task in GoF and even looks out for him when he doesnt [the Firebolt incident in PoA]. Shes always willing to help him with his studies - even late into the night/early next morning. She constantly puts herself in harms way just for him and who does Harry want to take to the Yule Ball? Cho Chang.

Harry IS the Emma of these books & Hermione is that girl he just doesnt notice even though she truly cares for him above all others.

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