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How ethical is cloning?

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The scientific process known as cloning has become a topic full of achievements in the past decade. “Cloning is not new, but many people think that is something that scientifics have just discovered…” (Hyde and Hyde 1). As a matter of fact it became more popular in 16 when the Scottish scientifics cloned the famous sheep Dolly. The creation of Dolly by Ian Wilmut has led us to the big question of whether or not we should attempt to clone humans. Great debates have been made opposing human cloning, but as time has elapsed, many have begun to support it.

The major question about cloning is the morality and the ethics behind it. “Many people wonder if this is a miracle for which we can thank God, or and ominous new way to play God ourselves” (Kolata 1).

Cloning is process in which one can obtain a new individual by getting a cell from another individual who already exists, so both of them are genetically identical.

There are two ways in which cloning can be done the first way is embryo cloning. This consists in breaking apart an embryo into several halves , 4, 8… and then many individual are created from that embryo. It is known that every cell in the human body contains the same DNA information; that leads to the second way of cloning which is called adult DNA cloning. This method consists in taking a cell from the body, whether animal or human. As a result several species are created from that particular human being. This was the method that scientist used to clone Dolly.

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The cloning of animal and plants leads to a big number of medical agricultural and industrial applications. It has been used in horticulture to designate all descendants of a single plant producing vegetative methods such as grafting, leaf roots and stem cuttings, and layering. This means that “when you eat a Red Delicious Apple you are in fact eating a clone”. (Hyde and Hyde 14).

Cloning from and already existing human allows one to know how one’s clone would look like ahead of time. Personality factors could not be certain because of the different time in which they would live and also the difference in the environment. They could show some similarities, but they wouldn’t be identical. A clone from a person who carries in his genes a really good musical ability may not develop that ability if he’s not raced in a musical environment, even though he possesses the right genes to be a great musician. As is shown environment plays a big part in determining how a cloning may turn out.

Some scientists believe that human adult embryo DNA and embryo cloning are moral and can have some positive results cloning would allow infertile couples to have children who are biologically related to them. It also could help to the production of offspring free of potential genetic diseases.

Before the cloning of human begins scientists should be aware of the consequences to the clone. How will society view them? I see prejudices being brought upon them, such as, not being treated as true human. Look how long it took women and African Americans to be treated as equal. I think it would take society a long time to adjust to a clone person and a clone would suffer until society can make that adjustment. God’s intent was for men and women to created together not to created twins of one another from individual cells. Cloning of human goes against God’s perfect will.

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