Thursday, June 16, 2011

how men and women think

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How Men and Women Think

The main idea of this article is to compare and contrast the differences in how men and women think. The author Nicholas Wade gives us several examples and professional opinions about the differences and stereotypes in how we think. He shows us that yes, men and women do think very differently. Both men and women prefer and excel at different things. That is what makes us individuals, not smarter than one another.

Nicholas Wade is a Science editor for the New York Times. He is well experienced in his field. He puts out science articles that appear in the daily newspaper as well as the Science Times. Nicholas has a special way of covering the whole spectrum of science from mathematics to sociology.

The vocabulary that was challenging was a few choice words that he used to describe the background and how the process of a female mind vs. a male mind is established. Anatomist- meaning expert in the study of anatomy and Indelibly- meaning permanently.

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Wade did not express any figurative language in this article. He set this article up to inform the public about stereotypes and opinions that are made with men and women. He expressed that men use their “ built-in-navigational skills” contrasting women who “navigates by landmarks, or asking a stranger.” His tone was informative; he wanted to make everyone aware of the background as well as the true facts in his opinion. For an example the way he sums up the article stating “If the brains of men and women really are organized differently, its possible the sexes both prefer and excel at different occupations, perhaps those with more or less competition or social interaction.

My personal views on the article were good ones. I think that Nicholas Wade proved some interesting views on the subject. He not only gave the reader background information but also, gave excellent examples to prove his points. No only was it appealing to the eyes, but also very informative. I would enjoy reading some of his future publications.

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