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Human Cloning

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Human Cloning

Human cloning is a very controversial issue. One can have many different opinions about it; for instance whether it is morally right or wrong. People can be for it, against it, or totally neutral about the whole issue. Some may argue that human cloning is too risky and could cause too many problems. However one would have to admit that although there are some downfalls of cloning, it can also be very beneficial and outweigh those downfalls.

Human cloning is especially good for burn victims. Doctors would be able to clone the tissue that was damaged. The doctor could then use the new cloned tissue to replace the damaged. The victim would then be able to look almost the same way as they had before they were burnt. The cloning of tissue would prevent numerous plastic surgeries that they would have had otherwise. Cloning tissue may even prevent the victim from dying.

Cloning could benefit quadriplegics and paraplegics. A doctor could clone the spinal chord cells that they have lost which have caused them to be paralyzed. If this cloning took place, the paraplegic could regain the use of their limbs and feeling, just like they would have felt before they were paralyzed. Cloning could give a new chance at life for quadriplegics and paraplegics.

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Cloning in addition would come to great use for homosexual couples and couples who cannot have children. This would able the couples to have the children they have always dreamed of. They would not have to go through the troubles and headaches of adoption. Instead the couple could have a child that would be directly linked to the couple, just like couples who can have children.

In conclusion, cloning may benefit humans even more that expected. Once one thinks about it, cloning could have a very positive impact on the world. Hopes and dreams could become a bigger possibility. In the future, one should expect cloning to become even more popular. Human cloning is on the brink of fully emerging; no matter what others say. Human cloning is definitely the new future.

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