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DesertRebel [570] old nakiness!

[Block Deputy] bane_6 [855] fire what has your girl gotten herself into???

[Bar Steward] firehorsex [60] splash

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DesertRebel [570] scarred

[Flea Market Chief] Urisha [55] lmao

[Community Guide] GarageSale [105] Urisha, As a CG, Im going to have to ask yall to stop striping down, that violates the Oddessey Code of Conduct, under the rule of bringing sex to the chat.

DesertRebel [570] whats a CG?

[Community Guide] GarageSale [105] Please make your house private, or go to whisper or pc.

[Community Guide] GarageSale [105] Thx

[Flea Market Chief] Urisha [55] ~splashes GS

[Block Deputy] bane_6 [855] you get them gs

[Neighborhood Deputy] Sloan [00] Community Cuide

[Flea Market Chief] Urisha [55] bite me

DesertRebel [570]

[Community Guide] GarageSale [105] Community Guide

[Bar Steward] firehorsex [60] splashes GS

[Community Guide] GarageSale [105] Urisha, please do not tempt me.

[Flea Market Chief] Urisha [55] ~swims around

DesertRebel [570] i sheee

[Block Deputy] bane_6 [855] be a good girl urisha!!!!

[Flea Market Chief] Urisha [55] lol no i dont wanna

[Bar Steward] firehorsex [60] lmao

[Flea Market Chief] Urisha [55] -P

DesertRebel [570] thank god...

[Community Guide] GarageSale [105] ~gets out dart gun~

[Neighborhood Deputy] Sloan [00] Can we have a big PC?

[News Reporter] Jellyness [655] === is always good

DesertRebel [570] pulls out m60

[Block Deputy] bane_6 [855] get the gs

[Community Guide] GarageSale [105] lol sloan

DesertRebel [570] loads it

[News Reporter] Jellyness [655] pukes

DesertRebel [570] lets dance sale

DesertRebel [570] aims

[Bar Steward] firehorsex [60] gets out my rubber duckies and plays with them

DesertRebel [570] ready when u r

[Flea Market Chief] Urisha [55] lol shay go back to ct

[Community Guide] GarageSale [105] Rebel, that promotes violence, and is not tolerated, please read the Oddessey Guide ofConduct, if you need the link, do not hestitate to ask.

[Neighborhood Deputy] Sloan [00] This stinks

DesertRebel [570] hey! u brought out the gun!

[News Reporter] Jellyness [655] i am not shay

DesertRebel [570] i have the right to defend myself

[Neighborhood Deputy] Sloan [00] We need a big PC so we can be bad

DesertRebel [570] yes we do

[Community Guide] GarageSale [105] I brought out an bubble dart gun, theirs a difference.

[Flea Market Chief] Urisha [55] otherwise (_!_)

[Neighborhood Deputy] Sloan [00] lol

DesertRebel [570] and i brought out a....oh nvm

[Flea Market Chief] Urisha [55] thats for you shay

DesertRebel [570] u didnt specify bubble

[Community Guide] GarageSale [105] Urisha? You forgot something= [

[Neighborhood Deputy] Sloan [00] lol

[Flea Market Chief] Urisha [55] cowardly enough not to show yourself inchat

[Block Deputy] bane_6 [855] if any one wants to spar they can meet me in semidon and ill take care of them!!!

[Flea Market Chief] Urisha [55] i did?

[News Reporter] Jellyness [655] garage as CG can you check IPs?

[Flea Market Chief] Urisha [55] lmao

DesertRebel [570] clothes maybe?

[Block Leader] S.t.a.r [100] what?

[Community Guide] GarageSale [105] You forget to hug me~runs up and hugs urisha~

[Neighborhood Deputy] Sloan [00] NO i dont think so

[Community Guide] GarageSale [105] No Jellyness, security can.

[Flea Market Chief] Urisha [55] hugs my baby

DesertRebel [570] (psst, fire! hes stealing ur girl!)

[Block Leader] S.t.a.r [100] hmmm

[Neighborhood Deputy] Sloan [00] Hehe not if i get my bounce firewall out

[Bar Steward] firehorsex [60] hmmmmm

[Community Guide] GarageSale [105] urisha not in public, thought we worked this out, only call me baby in pc.

[News Reporter] Jellyness [655] i need some body to check my ip against shays so they can tell urisha that we are not the same person

[Neighborhood Deputy] Sloan [00] You will ban about 50 other people before me lol

[Bar Steward] firehorsex [60] grrrrrrrrr

[Block Leader] S.t.a.r [100] good idea sloan

[Flea Market Chief] Urisha [55] fire

[Bar Steward] firehorsex [60] your baby ?

[Flea Market Chief] Urisha [55] you have logs still?

[Community Guide] GarageSale [105] lol fire only kidding= P

DesertRebel [570] SHES CHEATING ON FIRE! (this comment was not excessive therefore it doesnt violate the OROC)

[Community Guide] GarageSale [105] its still in caps Rebel.

DesertRebel [570] not excessive D

[Flea Market Chief] Urisha [55] i cheat on one one

[Community Guide] GarageSale [105] wow and she admits it

[Block Deputy] bane_6 [855] she admited nothing

[Community Guide] GarageSale [105] Rebel, its still caps, still yelling.

[Flea Market Chief] Urisha [55] whoever i want knows whoever i dont knows tooo

[Bar Steward] firehorsex [60] (

DesertRebel [570] i dont know about that

[Block Deputy] bane_6 [855] she said she cheated on no one

DesertRebel [570] gs, the oroc specifically states excessive

[Flea Market Chief] Urisha [55] i love fire

[Neighborhood Deputy] Sloan [00] Its yelling if you put a ! mark behind it

DesertRebel [570] i read one one

[Block Leader] S.t.a.r [100] shame, fire is such a sweetheart

[Neighborhood Deputy] Sloan [00] What!

[Community Guide] GarageSale [105] lol sloan, most consider caps yelling.

[Bar Steward] firehorsex [60] i love you to baby

DesertRebel [570] whose one one?

[Flea Market Chief] Urisha [55] oh shut up all of you ~laughs

[Community Guide] GarageSale [105] a ! is happy yelling, so if you want to yell do it like this God!

DesertRebel [570] one one, wherever u r, she cheated on u!

[Flea Market Chief] Urisha [55] bunch of babies

[Community Guide] GarageSale [105] Urisha~hugs~we all know you love fire

[Bar Steward] firehorsex [60] lol

DesertRebel [570] so if i was to go F!

[Flea Market Chief] Urisha [55] yes i do

DesertRebel [570] its a happy f!

[Community Guide] GarageSale [105] no rebel.

[Neighborhood Deputy] Sloan [00] Has to be a work behind the !

[Bar Steward] firehorsex [60] pounces on my love and licks her

DesertRebel [570] ?

[Neighborhood Deputy] Sloan [00] Stop licking!

[Community Guide] GarageSale [105] just a sec, you need major help rebel, going to give you link to rules lol.

DesertRebel [570] it works

DesertRebel [570] i read the oroc

[Flea Market Chief] Urisha [55] ~digs my claws into fire pulling him into the shadows

[Community Guide] GarageSale [105] Read it again, going to quiz ya .o

DesertRebel [570] i usually keep it open to to defend myself

[Community Guide] GarageSale [105] http//oddessey.org/commserv/community/common/constitution.html

[Flea Market Chief] Urisha [55] mine

[Neighborhood Deputy] Sloan [00] Ya and the oroc is wrong

[Bar Steward] firehorsex [60] mmmmmmmm

DesertRebel [570] no it aint!

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