Friday, June 17, 2011

Keepin The Dream Alive:

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I am blessed to be an African American who is able to stand in the shadows of one of the greatest crusaders for justice of our time, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King has influenced my life in many ways through his sacrifice and persistence. He has allowed me to experience freedoms that my ancestors never imagined.

As an undisputed leader in his fight for civil rights, Dr. King fought for equality for all, which included fair employment practices, desegregated department stores, abolishment of colored water fountains, equal housing opportunities as well as voting rights for the disadvantaged people. In his struggle for equality he had the whole human race in mind.

It has been less than 40 years ago that Dr. King painted a vivid picture of what America could unite to become. In America where children can grow to reach their full potential in life. Through the work of Dr. King we have gain access to lunch counters, restaurants, movie theaters, and other public places. We are able to go to school and fulfill our personal dreams. What began as a movement of elemental civil rights has now become a political and economical movement and African Americans have acquired opportunities that they once could only dream about.

There are many people that can proclaim that they have love in their hearts for all, but are they willing to invest their lives for the good of others, that is what

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Dr. King did, in doing that, he became the victim of frequent bomb threats, wiretapping, watered down with high presser water hoses or even jailed, being attacked by police dogs and being continuously harassed until death.

Just stop and think about how our society would be if there had not been a Civil Rights movement or a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? Dr. Kings speech reflected on the moral strengths of a man who never stopped pursuing his ideals and who never gave up on the human race.

My family and I share the belief that the example of Dr. Kings life has strengthened our lives. His sacrifice and determination for justice has made available a better life for all Americans. I have not experienced the bigotry or racism that my grandparents or parents have and I contribute that to the works of Dr. King. After studying his life, I realize that I have many opportunities because of his self-sacrifice and nonviolent campaigns targeted to defeat the evils of racism. I will never forget nor take for granted the equalities that I have today. I plan to take my education with the help of the Lord and use it to be a positive example to my peers as well as my community. I plan to look for the good in those whom I come in contact, not with prejudice or hatred.

In my conclusion I recall the words of my Pastor “Where there is unity there is strength”. The life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. exemplifies strength and unity. Dr King has paved the road for many to follow, African Americans as well as people of all races;

We can become stronger if we unite together. I will do all I can to keep his dream alive, “The road to unity and prosperity”.

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