Friday, June 17, 2011


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So what is it about our lives that are so crazy? well for one were stuck living with the dumbest people in the world. A.K.A. our family, more particularly our parents. Now I know there are some of you out there that love your family and all, but the most of us dont have that picture perfect Leave it to beaver family. Theres alot of craziness going on. For me its my parents. God damn it I wonder why the hell they even got together in the first place. Maybe my Mom just got knocked up and they felt really bad for me, the unborn fetus. No, thats a really bad thing to say. But seriously, why the hell are they still married? everyday I come home to world war and then they wonder why I get angry, or depressed or suicidal. God parents really fuck everything up. They think that just because there adults that they know what it was like to be a teen. O. k maybe back in the hippie days, but not in 00!

Why does life have to be so godamn difficult? Why couldnt life just be a breeze. U know wake up next to the person u love and are ment to be with. Have ur dream job with your dream car to get there. Come home to your dream house. Be able to spend time with the ones your love and do as you please. Ohh i know why.......because life sux!!! God put us all on this hopeless little planet so he could watch us all bicker and bitch at each other and fight over the dumbest things! I mean really sit there and think about it. What is there to life? We just run around like chickens with our heads cut off trying our hardest to be better than everyone else. To strive to be Homo Superior. We work all of our lives at the same job doing the same exact thing over and over again. Then one day we get to old to be useful in the work force so we retire to a small condo in Boca collect social security, bicker and bitch at our children and live hapily ever after untill god says its time to die. What a life we humans have to live

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