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Charges vary according to the amount of money being borrowed, the degree of risk and security that is on offer for the bank and your stake in the business.

Interest rates can either be set at a fixed rate, which remain static for a set period, or variable. This will change according to the base rate used by banks to borrow money and will be set at a margin above that.

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In addition, you may find that there are charges for arranging an overdraft or loan and you are likely to get a nasty surprise if you exceed the limits of an overdraft without authorisation or can not make a payment under the loan.

The FSB found in its survey that members were paying high rates of interest. Some 7% of the respondents were paying at least 5% above the base rate. Members also complained about overcharging by the banks. One-third of members were overcharged by their bank but 0% had managed to get the money back.

Mark Radin, managing director of Anglia Business Associates, believes that the problem could be much bigger. ABA investigates overcharging for its customers � of which some 75% are SMEs � and estimates that overcharging could affect as many as 80% of bank customers. Radin explained that although ABA has not undertaken any of its own research it has taken part in surveys of random accounts for third parties and consistently found overcharging occurring.

The most common form of mistake is miscalculating interest, closely followed by wrong transaction charges. In one case, ABA found a farmer in the Midlands had been overcharged over several years by a total of £00,000.

It is worth setting aside some time to look at your charges. Take a few minutes to list the charges that go through your account, advises Radin. Compare this quarter with the previous quarter and check any discrepancies. If any of the charges have changed, ask your bank to explain them.

What happens now?

Asset finance or leasing is a way of purchasing equipment, machinery or other assets without having to pay the full amount upfront. There are various different structures that can be used and the attraction of each one will vary according to your requirements and, perhaps, according to tax changes made by the government.

In essence, a lease is an agreement between you (the lessee) and the finance company (the lessor). You will pay a periodic fee, usually monthly, for the use and possibly ownership of equipment.

The range of equipment that can be bought under a lease is expanding rapidly � from the most basic purchase, such as office computers or company cars, to more specialised equipment, such as a forklift truck or a safe.

This is partly due to the fact that the number of companies providing this service has expanded rapidly. Not only do most banks and a number of specialised finance houses offer this service, but there have also been a growing number of equipment manufacturers entering the market. It is now possible to lease your office computer direct from Dell, Compaq and IBM among others.

In fact, the Finance and Leasing Association (FLA) estimates that some 15% of office equipment is financed through a lease. The FLA also expects the market to continue growing gradually but notes that the business is always dependent upon the latest tax and accounting changes.

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