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Men will be lovers of themselves

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In Greek mythology Narcissus was the son of the river god Cephissus and the nymph Leiriope. As the myth goes, he was of surpassing beauty. When he saw his own reflection in a spring he fell in love with himself. He was incapable of loving others, and was so engrossed with himself that he didn’t even eat. His health gradually failed, and he died. Today’s psychiatrists use the term Narcissism to mean an intense degree of self-love, so much so that the patient is indifferent to other persons, unless he can cause them to notice and admire him.

Over and over again, today’s prevalent attitude of me-ism has been called the new-Narcissism. Many have gone so far as to call this attitude a “new religion.” This attitude has been described as the “worship of self.” The Bible even indicates that self-centeredness can become worship. The Bible states that covetousness and greed are forms of idolatry. One of the Greek words for “covetousness” and “greed” is pleonexia. The Greeks defined pleonexia as a desire that is not able to be satisfied, and said that one might as easily satisfy it as you might fill a bowl with a hole in it with water.

Me-ism goes all the way back to the first human pair, Adam and Eve. They wanted to set up their own code of right and wrong. So, when falsely told that they could “be like God, knowing good and bad,” they began to long for that. First Eve, and then her husband, took this course, which ended up being a fatal mistake. So one can see that this me-first attitude is not new, rather, it is very ancient history repeating itself.

A perfect example of a person in today’s society who reflects this quality of self-centeredness to the full is Saddam Hussein. This can be seen in the demands he sets on his people. Iraqi newspapers are required to print an article about him, including a picture of him, on the front page every day. Every Iraqi citizen is required to display at least one picture of him in their home. Failure to comply could result in imprisonment or even death. He demands adoration and exclusive devotion. He feels that he has been put in his position by his God, and that no one can remove him unless it is the will of Allah. Saddam himself believes that he is, if not the reincarnation of the greatest of all Babylonian Kings, Nebuchadnezzar II, then a worthy successor. He even went so far as to inscribe his name on bricks alongside those of many of the famous kings of Babylon. But just as this love of self led to the downfall of Narcissus, the result for Saddam Hussein is likely to be the same.

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Like Narcissus, many today think far too much of themselves. They become so enthralled with themselves, that they forget about others. The true root of this attitude begins with Satan. Satan had this me-first attitude. He had a longing for something that did not belong to him, the position and authority of God. He challenged God’s rightfulness to rule and claimed that man would turn away from God if he did not so aptly provide for them. But faithful men of old and true Christians today have proven that claim to be false. So one can easily see that this attitude has existed from the time of man’s beginning all the way to today, just as Paul foretold in Second Timothy “In the last days. . . men will be lovers of themselves.”

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