Friday, June 17, 2011

No Fight against Iraq!

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Many demonstrations have been held everywhere across United States. Those were Americans who disagree on President Bush?s plan of raising military force against Iraq. The consequences of Bush?s actions will affect U.S. society severely. It can be either beneficial or extremely harmful. Due to uncertainty of the consequences of war, United States should not confront Iraq.

On October 10, 00, the House voted to give President Bush the authority to use military force against Iraq. Congress decision to support the War on Iraq doesn?t represent every American?s opinion. on the matter. On October 6th, ten days after President Bush signed the congressional resolution on Iraq, demonstrators protested in Washington. According to the organizer of this demonstration, the Congress? Iraq resolution is illegal and Bush?s threat of U.S. possible attack Iraq does not represent the opinions of American people. (Global rallies protest possible war on Iraq) Thousands of Americans participated in the demonstration. Those are only the several representatives of many other Americans throughout United States who dislike the threat President Bush makes to Iraq. Without the agreement from United States? citizens, U.S. shouldn?t go to war. It will severely undermine the U.S. government.

It is true that Iraq had been developing weapons of mass destruction. According to the CIA and its concise report ?since United Nations inspectors left in 18, Iraq has maintained its chemical weapons effort, energized its missile program, and invested more heavily in biological weapons.? The CIA is also convinced that Iraq is capable of making nuclear weapons during this decade. (CIA Iraq could have nuclear weapon in a year) This threatens the United States security; however fighting at this current moment when there are other resolutions is not exactly the best way to solve conflicts between two nations. United States should focus on trying to get outside help or persuade UN to remove Saddam Hussein from power and dispose all weapons of mass destruction. Declaring war against Iraq might not help U.S. in Americans? security, as many believe. Facilities that test biological weapons have been found in northern Iraq. (US knew of bioterror tests in Iraq) Saddam Hussein offered the terrorists anthrax that had been used on U.S. officials. Clearly, he will use more pernicious biological weapons on U.S. army, than anthrax, such as small pox, without hesitation.

United States has been under economic depression since September 11, 001, the day which terrorists hijacked passenger airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. To help the U.S. economy improve and stabilize should be the major issue in United States now. The ?War on Terror? cost a great deal. More lose of money when United States is facing the depression and other problems such as unemployed citizens, is an ideal situation people want to face. It has been estimated that the war against Iraq will cost from $5 billions to $7 billions. On top of those major bills, $1 - $4 billions will be spend to reconstruct Iraq and dismount weapons of mass destruction. In total, confronting Iraq would cost up to $ billions a month. (Congress studies cost of war) If the United States went to war now, there would be an increase in unemployment. It would result to the stage where citizens are unable to pay taxes that support the military forces.

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Starting last year, the US began discussing the terrorism affair with the Middle Eastern countries. It has been under economic depression, too. The economy, the possible consequences of war against Iraq, and the protests are one of several reasons that explain why United States should not go to war especially if there are other preferable resolutions on the Iraq matter. U.S. has the power to influence United Nations, so it should convince UN to remove Saddam Hussein and dismantle weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but it should not declare war against Iraq.

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