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During the years women have not always had the choice of getting abortions. Why is that? It is because of the men in our government wanting to control us and the women who say that it is murder and uncivilized and things like that. Well not anymore, women have to stand up for themselves and keep the abortion rights. It is a choice that is empowering and liberating. A fetus isn’t really a child. Abortion is and can be very safe.

A woman’s choice to terminate a pregnancy is both empowering and liberating. It empowers her because her choice acknowledges that she understands her options, her current situation, and her future expectations, and she is able to make a fully informed decision about what would most benefit her and act on it. It liberates her because she can regain control of her reproductive system and chart her destiny without an unwanted child in tow. It liberates her to fully care for her existing family, her career, her emotional and mental well being, and her goals.

A pregnancy is a nine-month process during which a fertilized egg grows, develops and goes through a series of transformations before it can finally become a baby, a new human being, at the time of its birth. Before birth it is not a child or a person with an independent existence. It is a developing mass of tissue integrally connected to the woman’s vital biological process. It is part of that woman with no separate social existence. It has the potential to become human. But it is not yet a separate social being that should have separate social rights. For that it must have entered society as a separate entity. That is, it must have been born. This is why that abortion is not really murder it isn’t even a child or human being yet.

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Legal abortion is generally safe for women. Physical complications resulting from legal abortions are relatively rare, particularly with abortions that are performed in the first three months of pregnancy. Most women who have abortions do not experience undue sadness or long term feelings of guilt. An abortion is one of the safest types of surgery. Complications from having an abortion in the first three months of pregnancy are considerably less frequent and less serious than those associated with giving birth.

In conclusion, Abortion is a choice that is empowering and liberating, a fetus isn’t really a child, and Abortion is and can be very safe. Debating whether women should have the right to abortion is like debating whether Black people should have the right not to be slaves. A woman’s physical and mental health and her right to function fully in society take priority over reproductio

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