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RA Intent Essay

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Over the past year, I was an RA in the DUCC area for Grayson nd. I would like to return as an RA for the upcoming school year because I feel that it was a good experience and would like to continue working with housing and residence life. Working and living as a Resident Advisor has benefited me in several ways.

In the beginning I was a little nervous about what to expect, however, I soon learned that this job has helped me grow into a much stronger person than I had ever expected from this job. One of the areas in which I have definitely improved is my hall programs. My first hall program was a complete failure mainly because I wasnt sure what my residents were interested in and what would have a big turnout. However, soon after this, I learned the times and activities that are more popular and once I used this to design my programs they became much more successful.

Another Skill I gained as an RA is my ability to communicate. During the year, I have had to deal with roommate conflicts, policy violations, and personal problems. One of the most rewarding parts of this job is having residents who feel they can come talk to me. I have been able to help my residents work through various problems so I know they are learning as much as I am. Also, conducting hall meetings have given me experience in public speaking. I have learned how to communicate my concerns and get feedback in an effective manner.

If I am selected to return as an RA next year, I would like to be placed in the TAP area, mainly the apartments. One of the reasons I feel this would be a good place for me is because as I am growing, I am also gaining more independence along with the residents. I would like to gain more responsibility in living alone, such as cooking and cleaning. Furthermore, I think I would be good for this area because the TAP area is designed for the more mature student and I feel that since I have experience as an RA I am also more mature and would be able to help them with their problems because I have knowledge with certain situations. I am also very eager to learn about any other instances that may occur.

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I like to work with people and am very outgoing so I feel I could bring a lot to the TAP area. Over the past year, I have not only learned a lot about myself and how to handle certain situations, but I have also learned a lot about other people and that I like helping people as much as possible. I feel that if I were selected as a returning RA I would help the residents as well as the housing staff to make it a great year!

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