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The reading titled, “Schizophrenic Language and Cognition,” was quite interesting because it describes the language used by schizophrenic individuals and how this disorganized speech affects their communication and social interactions with the “outside world.” The disordered thoughts that are expressed by schizophrenics suggest that they are not coherent enough to know what they are saying and that they aren’t making any sense. Schizophrenic speech samples were analyzed by the Canadian psychologist, Sherry Rochester, in order to find out some kind of rationale behind the “schizophrenic language.” She found that people with schizophrenia “fail to consider the information required by listeners,” making it difficult for listeners to connect the thoughts and ideas of that individual because they “lacked cohesive ties.”

Another study conducted by psychologist, Bertram Cohen, was done to show that schizophrenic individuals not only “fail to consider the information required by listeners” but also “fail to adopt the listener’s role.” The study was done on normal individuals and schizophrenic patients, in which the two subjects were asked to describe colored disks. Their responses to this “simple” task were evaluated by some “judge” in order for them to determine the color of the disk. It was shown that the judges had much more difficulty determining the correct color when using the descriptions of the schizophrenic individuals because they “provide useless information that actually interferes with the task of identifying the color.” The studies done by these psychologists suggest that schizophrenics are easily distracted and have difficulty communicating and interacting in “everyday” social settings. I thought that this reading was interesting because it showed a real-life example of how schizophrenics interact and how they perceive the simplest things.

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