Saturday, June 18, 2011

Take Me Out To the Ballgame

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Take Me Out To the Ballgame

On a sweltering, blistery Saturday afternoon, I squint my eyes as I take my stance in the batter’s box and gaze out into the field in front of me. Second base is joking around with the umpire in the field amongst jeers from the shortstop of, “You ain’t got nuthin’, batter”, while center field repeatedly pounds a fist in his glove as if he just can’t wait to get some action. I grin, all the while thinking of how I would just like to make someone eat a nice, hard hit. Each of these personal traits of athletes combined as a whole into a team is what brings out the fun, competitiveness, and love of the game in softball.

As it goes in any kind of sport, there are always “The Naturals”, those athletes that can just walk out onto the diamond, take a swing, and crack one over the fence, or make unbelievable catches that make us gawk in amazement. They can perform and excel at anything they choose to do, and possess a raw talent that makes the rest of us envious and wish that we, too, had that inborn capability.

In relation to those that have natural talent, there are those worker bees and competitors who would run through a brick wall before giving up. Though their performance may not flow as freely to them, they always give 110% of their physical effort and endure repetitive trials of inner strength to make themselves the best that they can be. Always going the extra mile is what they are known for, and in that respect they are looked upon with great admiration.

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Subsequently, there are the polar opposites of these, which are those players who definitely need some angels in the outfield, infield, or any position they play for that matter. No matter how hard they try, they just don’t hold any skills, but they can always provide us with a good laugh throughout the course of the game.

Additionally, you always have your boasters. Individuals that always have some kind of retort or cocky comment for everything, who make you grit your teeth and utter things under your breath that any mother would certainly not approve of. Though they are loathed, they provide an edge to the game that would surely be missed if they failed to participate.

As the pitch floats toward the plate, I grip the bat and rear back to take a swing. Whether the hit turns out to be a homerun, or a ground out, I’ll always step back up to the plate, look around, and smile at the never-changing mode of players that will always look back at me.

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