Monday, June 20, 2011

The Color Purple

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Admired by its symbolism, the color purple has been embraced by many nations. Purple represents the energy to conquer the quest. It is said to be the color of things dedicated to seeking and finding the answers of life’s mysteries; this could explain the relationship between the color purple and the bishops’ robes in the Roman Catholic Church. It signifies the intuitive force, dreams, unconscious, and the invisible. The color purple is also associated with the powers of the mental telepathy, empathy, and imagination. So when asked to identify a color that best describes my personality, purple suits me best. Like the shades of purple, my personality is thought to be ambitious, powerful, and creative.

Ambitious like Christopher Columbus, I would rather perish than not achieve my life’s purpose. It’s my strong desire to achieve something that merits the Purple Heart for recognition. Motivated by my forefathers, I strive to build an empire capable of personifying the American dream. Through out my existence, I have set numerous goals for improving my quality of life. I have given a hundred and ten percent to see that I succeed in achieving my Associates degree. For example, I have taken this course three times in hopes of passing with a successful grade. When most people would fold their hand of cards, my ambitions kicked into overdrive. I now stay up late many nights striving to write the ace up my sleeve. Along with my aspiration of completing college, I have made every effort to be successful in my business career by working over time, night shifts, and taking on extra responsibilities to shine like a star on a crystal clear night. Ambition is what keeps me going; it is my fuel to an everlasting blaze.

Along with an ambitious heart is my ability to perform effectively. Like the eagle itself, I tend to symbolize myself with the same reputation in the business realm. My power lies within the capability of negotiations and speaking. Like the governor on a new car, I tend to control the flow of conversations. I preserve the power to influence the salesmen to meet my demand no matter what the circumstances. A business meeting is an example of when I’m respected like Julius Cesar or Napoleon Bonaparte. My strong voice and persuading tone are keys to locking in the deal for my Citicapital Global Corporation. Without the power I wouldn’t feel successful, it’s the glue that holds me together.

Creativity is what makes me unique and is my strongest area of my personality. Thoughts are running through my head all day like the everlasting gravitational pull towards the sun. I’m constantly thinking and creating new ways of improving everyday I am great at creative writing and descriptive papers, because I am always thinking outside the box. This area is strongly developed, because my job calls on me to think of solutions to problems and graphic representation to communicate any problems within the company.

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