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The Longest Memory

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Topic Explain how this novel, though filled with prejudices and ironies, nevertheless, still present a clear moral vision.

Introductory Paragraph � When confronted by a book containing controversial material, we are often under the impression that only opinion of 1 party will be examined. Yet this book, though short, still manages to incorporate the opinions of all those involved when it comes to the topic of slavery, while still maintaining the same underlying message . state what the clear moral vision is, that slavery is cruel etc. State what the prejudices and ironies are. State how they relate and impact to the events in book.

Thesis � by letting us relate to and feel emotion towards the characters and events in the book, the moral message pushed by the book is greatly emphasized.

General Topic Sentence

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1. Subtopic One - characterization

. Subtopic Two - love and death

. Subtopic Three � prejudices and ironies


Restate Subtopic One

How we relate to and judge each of the characters. How they influence the message of the moral vision. How we identify and relate to the situations the characters under put it. Including heroes, villains, feeling sympathy, feel anger. Showing us the different views points but still manipulating them so that the moral vision is still emphasized.


Restate Subtopic Two

Show how the love story between Lydia and chapel evoke our emotions, how the death of chapel makes us dislike the causes of his death i.e. slavery in general. Compare the love story to Romeo and Juliet, to this love story. Expand on how the relationship emphasizes the moral vision.


Restate Subtopic Three

Show how the prejudices and ironies add or detract from the presentation of the moral vision. Expand on their influence in adding realism to the novel and emphasis the moral vision. Prejudices including the skin colour, and hence slaves compared to the norms, men vs women, ironies are the fact the whitechapel leads the death of his own son, and that Sanders the man u administered the whip was chapel’s half-brother.


Closing or Summary Paragraph

Rephrase intro and state why the points listed previously support and argue the topic. End with a closing note, if needed quickly repeat arguments.

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