Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Place

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The Place

A place I would never go back to is my house in Mexico, too many negative things happened there. The memories that are stuck in my mind forever are of the horrifying beatings my mom got from my dad. One in specific still haunts me forever.

I was 5 when this happen. My brothers and I were stuck inside the house playing Atari because it was cold and windy outside from the winter night. My mom was laying on the couch watching her usual soap opera in the living room. When all of the sudden my dad comes in the house yelling like he broke his leg or something. That wasn’t the case though; he was out drinking with his friends. My mom got up from the couch to ask him what was wrong, but my dad replied by slapping her in the face and telling her that it was none of her business. By that time my brothers and I were in the living room watching every move my dad made. My mom got up from the floor and asked him what was his problem, why he was hitting her. My dad didn’t answer with a reply but with another slap to the face, but this time after she fell he kicked her in the stomach while she was laying on the ground. Screaming from the pain and knowing we were watching everything from twenty feet away. My mom looked toward us and told us to go to our room and lock the door so we won’t see the chaos my drunken dad was making. Horrified my brothers and I did what my mom told us, we ran to our room and we locked the door. We hid under the bed and we heard all the commotion going in the living room, the breaking glass of the vases we had on our walls, the thumps from my mom hitting the floor, and my dad’s evil laughter. We cried and cried until we heard a big glass break and everything got quiet all of the sudden. We heard a knock at the door, but we didn’t move to try to open the door. We heard my mom calling us to open the door. After hearing my moms voice we rushed to the door. Opening the door we saw our mom covered in blood from the horrific fight she had with my dad. She told us to get our school bags and to get our clothes because we were leaving the house.

My brothers and I got as much clothing as we could fit in our bags and walked out to the living room. We saw our dad laying on the ground face down, and a broken glass bottle right beside him. My mom cleaned her face and put on some new clothes before she came to the living room. She told us we were leaving the house forever and that we weren’t going to see our dad ever again.

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