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The reason I need to write the B.S. essay

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And write the nost I can abouth nothinFacing a potential blood shortage, military installations around the country have been scrambling to get more people to donate blood.

Medical officials at the Fort Bragg Army Post in North Carolina say they normally run low on blood supplies in January after the holidays. But this year, their demand has increased significantly with thousands of troops being deployed to the Persian Gulf region.

The Fort Bragg Blood Center needs to collect 677 units of blood a month, but right now has only about 50 units.

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Nationally, 5 percent of the people that are eligible to give blood actually do, said Capt. Melanie Sloan, director of the blood center.

Blood Needs Likely to Grow

Since the war in Afghanistan began, the military has shipped 17,000 units of blood to the region.

The pace is not likely to slow. The U.S. military will not say how much more blood they will need if the United States goes to war with Iraq, because those numbers are tied to casualty estimates. But during the Persian Gulf War, the United States sent 100,000 units of blood to the region in a six-month period. About 0 percent of that came from civilian sources.

We rely on civilians in case we dont have enough, said Col. Michael Fitzpatrick, director of the Armed Services Blood Program. So, its not only the military blood program but the civilian collection agencies that need donors at this time, not because were asking them for blood but because we possibly could.

A healthy person can donate blood every 56 days, up to five times a year. They should not be discouraged if they try to donate blood, but are told to come back, because its just part of the process of maintaining a constant supply, Fitzpatrick said.

Military Donor Disqualifications

Army Private Tyler Smith may not be sent overseas from Fort Bragg, but there is a good chance his blood will go.

I think if youre healthy, you should give blood because it is the right thing to do, he said.

However, 4 percent of all military service members are ineligible to donate blood.

Military personnel and their families stationed for six months or longer in Europe from 180 to 16 are restricted from donating because of concerns of mad cow disease.

Members of the military deployed to certain countries, including Afghanistan, also are prohibited from giving blood for three years after they return. And anyone who receives a smallpox shot will have to wait a month before being able to donate.

Complicating the effort to maintain a steady supply of blood is the fact that it has a relatively short shelf life. Blood is perishable and is good only for 4 days. Medical officials from both the military and civilian sectors say they need a steady stream of donors.

I would rather have 100 people over five days than 500 people in one day, Fitzpatrick said

g as fast as Ican

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