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Thesis essay on Rome,Greece and China

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A civilization is a community characterized by elements such as a system of writing, development of social classes, and cities. In history there have been many civilizations that have led to the advancement of human kind. Three societies that have advanced human kind are Rome, Greece and China. These three societies have advanced through law, art, architecture, philosophy and much more.

The Roman Empire has greatly advanced human kind through their law. Most of their principles of law are still used today. For example the principle “innocent until proven guilty” came from the Roman Empire. Also, the theory of a democracy was also taken from the Romans. Another example is the jury which taken from the Roman senate. Although the senate consisted of three hundred people and the jury of only twelve the concept remains the same.

The Greek Empire has also advanced human kind. For example their art which, was used by other civilizations. The best example of this is the Romans, they took most of the Greek art and made it into their own. The Romans also took architecture from the Greeks. Not only was Greek art and architecture copied from the Greeks but their literature, history, and philosophy as well. Also the Greeks contributed to science. A Greek scientist named Archimedes came up with the “lever and pulley” theory.

China also helped the human kind advance. They contributed the most with their philosophies. For example Confucious came up with the “Five Relationships” which some people still use today. He also came up with the saying “Do not do to others what you do not wish yourself”. Confucious’ philosophies had a great impact on the way that the emperor’s ruled China.

Custom Essays on Thesis essay on Rome,Greece and China

Almost all civilizations take ideas from past civilizations. Such as the Greek Empire which greatly influenced Rome. The Romans greatly influenced us with their government, which we still use today. Individual people had a huge impact on the human kind as well. Like Confucious, he had a great impact on the Chinese government and society.

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