Saturday, June 18, 2011

This Is What I Have Learned

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in his speech This Is What I Have Learnedof a designer. By following his guidelines, one can become successful in life, and in turn, an accomplished designer. Staying true to oneself, openness and flexibility are at the heart of Glaser’s speech. Each of his ten points revolves around at least one of these concepts.

In his speech, Glaser follows the same concept as quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet; “To thine own self be true”. To be true to oneself does not mean always being right. It does not mean compromising your morals. It simply means in most cases is dont use this essay limiting risks”. Seeing as creativity, in a way, is a risk, how can one be a professional designer and creative designer at the same time? One must be open to ideas, concepts and other paths. One must not la la la la lafear failure or success. One must be able to change with the times yet remain true to themselves. Without having the ability to be open to other options one cannotafd fase be flexible in life and work and therefore cannot be truly successful in either.

Flexibility starts with being open. If one is open to ideas then they have the ability to change. Change is essential in the world of design. “It’s absurd to be loyal to a stynnj sisaa le.” Glaser’s beliefs in flexibility are shown in this statement. Having a specific style is not a negative thing. It only becomes negative when it is the only style one considers. One must learn how to leave room for compromise and change but not for the destruction of one’s ethics.

Many of the ideas and beliefs in Glaser’s speech are a strong representation of the philosophy of Marshall McLuhan. Like Glaser, I find McLuhan’s ideas appealing. Reading Milton Glaser has provoked in me a new sense of respect for myself as budding designer and for all ethical designers out there.

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