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who killed Kurt Cobain?

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Kurt Cobain was an icon of his time; the voice of a generation. Born in Hoquiam Washington, right next to Aberdeen, to Wendy and Donald Cobain, Kurt Donald Cobain was a happy child. As a child of two, Kurt had an imaginary friend named Bodah, and he had a wonderfully imaginative mind and was always blaming his own mischievous activities on his friend. His parents did not want him to have this friend so when an uncle was sent to Vietnam, Kurt was told that Bodah too had been drafted. He was eventually placed on Ritalin for his hyperactivity, this was the drug of the time. When the drug seemed to make him more active, his doctor said to just remove sugar from the young Kurts diet, this appeared to work.

I found a quote that I believe covers Kurts entire perspective on his marriage. Backstage at the MTV awards, when Courtney Love, Kurts wife, asks Axl Rose from Guns ‘N Roses to be the godfather of their child. He scoffs and tells Kurt to keep Courtney under control. Kurt tells Courtney to shut up. Later, he was quoted saying I guess I did what he wanted me to do � be a man. He just wanted me to stand up to Courtney.I think that this was a key to his marriage because he didnt think that he could deal with Courtney and he knew the rest of the world knew that. Kurt was trapped being thrown around by his wife and it was a good feeling to him to be ale to stand up to her.

Three of the people that influenced Kurts life were his father, his mother, and his mothers second husband. In 175, when Kurt was only eight, his parents decided to get a divorce. Only a few weeks after this event Wendy Fradenberg, Kurts mother, brought home an intrusive boyfriend. This man beat and yelled at Kurt, causing him to flee to his room where he locked his door and called his father to beg him to let Kurt live with him. Once Kurts mom married the boyfriend he talked her into getting rid of Kurt. He went to live with his father in a trailer park. I believe that this event caused Kurt to have some of the mannerisms that he had. Kurt always tried to make fun of the people in his home town; I think that it was because this man beat him and he was forced to live with his father, that Kurt always had sarcastic remarks to everything.

Kurts career and main interests were many. Kurt started young enjoying The Beatles, then he listened to some of the local bands in the area. Finally, when Kurt stopped living at his fathers house, he ended up in his first band, Fecal Matter. This name changed from person to person going from Skid Row to Ted Ed Fred to Pen Cap Chew to Throat Oyster to Bliss to Windowpane. Finally, with the members, Krist Novoselic, Chad Channing, lead vocalist Kurt Cobain, they named their band, Nirvana. Throughout the rest of Kurts life he did lots of drugs, ran lots of parties, and appeared to be a crazy man on the stage. Kurt and Courtney met at one of Nirvanas shows in 10 in the Satyricon Club in Portland. Kurt had heard rumors about her and went to talk to the woman whom all of these rumors were about. Courtney acted disinterested in him. Courtney would from time to time check in on Kurt and they eventually got married on February 4th, 1 in Waikiki, Hawaii. Seven months later, on the 18th of August the same year, Frances Bean Cobain was born. Kurt loved Frances and his friends said that he was a changed man the day he saw the ultrasound photographs. They said that he was much more enjoyable to be around, but unfortunately, he was still unhappy with the way his plans of becoming a rock star had turned out.

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I wish that some of the world events of the late ‘80s� early ‘0s had affected Kurt. Desert Storm and the Iran Contra are the two main historical events that would have affected most people. However, they did not seem to affect Kurt at all. Kurt never seemed to have an opinion on politics or foreign relations. He always just ‘went with the flow. I think the only thing that affected him was the huge push for more grunge bands. The funny thing about that is that Kurt started that movement with Nirvana. If Kurt was not so wrapped up in what he wanted he still would not have cared at all about the wars and politics surrounding him. Kurt never had much of an opinion, because he was an avid crack addict.

My overall opinion of Kurt Cobain is that he was a musical genius. He had a few problems, here and there. But overall I think that if he had not died in 14 and if he had had the gumption to keep going, Nirvana would have become as big as Metallica in the grunge band business. I know that most people think that Kurt and grunge music promotes drug use and other deadly sins, but I still think that Kurt had a brilliant mind when it came to writing song lyrics and guitar riffs. The best part was that it all came from the soul.

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