Thursday, June 2, 2011

William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare is known to be one of the Worlds greatest playwrights. His plays are still popular in our world today. He has written many comedies, tragedies, and sonnets that have inspired many of his audiences. His works are even taught in schools to students, passing them on to the next generation.

Shakespeare gives students a fun and interesting way of learning about our past through poetry. It helps prevent the same mistakes from happening again. In one of Shakespeares plays uA Midnight Summers Dream/u, it shows that the laws were strict and punishments were cruel during those times. For example, only the fathers were legally allowed to choose whom his daughter should marry. Otherwise, the daughter would face her death or be forced to become a nun. Today, the laws are still strict but the punishments have become more lenient. Now most of the punishments rely on payment charges, instead of a death sentence or any physical torture.

Shakespeare bases most of his plays on love tragedies. People seem to get more enjoyment out of reading literature that they can relate to. If people were to stop the study of Shakespeare and his writings, our history may be forgotten. Reading it teaches us a lot about the language patterns from then, as well as showing the dramatic change in culture between now and before. We should all read his works because many of the popular novels today are based on same story lines, so it is important to understand where these writing ideas are derived from.

Learning about Shakespeare and his writings also teaches people how to write poetry in many different styles. There are other ways to express things poetically, such as sonnets that Shakespeare often uses. His use of analogies stretches peoples imagination causing them to expand their way of thinking and use of words. With Shakespeares works, his audiences experiences emotions and inspirations from deep within. Being able to write like Shakespeare gives writers a gift to communicate with people through their hearts and minds.

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Shakespeare was a genius with words. His writings are an inspiration to many aspiring writers and audiences. Exposing students at a young age to Shakespeare gives them an appreciation for his creative works. It may seem that Shakespeare and his works would be boring at first, but it teaches people a new perspective of poetry. He has put poetry and reality into art, making his works timeless.

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