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Amistad is about the trial of a group of slaves who escape their chains while on a the slave ship and kill the ships crew. When captured by the U.S. coast guard, they become the subject of numerous ownership claims by the 11 year old queen of Spain, the two surviving slave ship crew members, and the coast guard officers (who claim salvage rights).

Amistad is an important film because it brings a significant event and period back into the public consciousness. Through flashbacks, it depicts the wretched reality of the cruelty of the practices of the slave trade. For these reasons, I believe that people should see this film as a matter of required literacy and awareness.

However, as a film, it doesnt work as well as Spielbergs previous historical document, Schindlers List. While the technical aspects and acting of the film are first rate, with many fascinating performances, visuals and novel camera angles, the story does not lend itself as much to movie storytelling as Schindler because, at its core, the conflict is conceptual and about principle. These do not provide the tension to motivate a film like the presence of physical danger. In contrast, Schindler had its theme of righteousness placed against a backdrop of constant fear and physical danger. I found myself dozing off in a few places during Amistad, though I couldnt decide if it was because of deficiencies in the movie or the 5am New Years Eve I pulled the night before. )

It also hinted at numerous sub threads, but didnt bring them to conclusion or fully explore them. These include Morgan Freemans internal conflict with being black-skinned, yet white in every other respect, the role of Christianity among the slaves and abolitionists, and the internal politics amongst the abolitionist movement.

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