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12 Angry Men

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Twelve Angry Men Essay

Although I learned many things from the film, Twelve Angry Men, three things stand out in my mind specifically as being most impacting. It is true as they say, that things are not always as they seem. This is especially true during a jury’s debate, and in this movie. These twelve men debated long and hard, and it took many hours to get them to agree on one verdict. One reason it took so long was that their personal backgrounds played a role in their opinions of guilt or innocence. In the beginning only one man voted “not guilty” because he had reasonable doubt. Such doubt proved to be a huge factor in the outcome of the case.

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In life, and in general, things are not always as they seem. In the movie, Twelve Angry Men, this proved to be very true. Many things seemed to have been rock solid evidence against the defendant, but ended up being quite opposite. For example, the alleged “eyewitness” was not witness at all because she could not see without the glasses she was not wearing. Furthermore, the noise of the L Train prevented other witnesses from hearing what they claimed. The unique knife proved to be quite typical and the stab wounds it supposedly made did not match the technique the suspect would have used at all. The old man who testified could not have possibly seen the suspect because his disabilities prevented him from leaving his apartment in the time allotted according to solid evidence. This discredited his account because of such a huge discrepancy. It proved to be very obvious in Twelve Angry Men that things just are not always as they seem.

Personal backgrounds played a huge role in the opinions of this jury. Personal prejudice played a major role in the initial decision of one man. His vote was resting solely on weak evidence and the fact that the boy was apparently from a “bad neighborhood”. After all day in a muggy room, arguing about a trial, one man confessed that he really did not care one way or the other but only wanted to watch his baseball game he was about to miss. Another man, the last to vote “not guilty”, was holding on to deep-rooted feelings of bitterness against his own son, which brought biasness into his decision. Finally, one by one each man was convinced of the defendant’s innocence, and the decision was final at last. Hours of debate eventually broke down the walls of prejudice and stubborn opinions, and justice was able to triumph.

Reasonable doubt plays an important role in capitol offenses, and especially in this particular case. If that one man had not persevered in his conviction that reasonable doubt was present, than an innocent man would have died. All in all, reasonable doubt forces the jury to reexamine evidence in greater detail than it had been previously. This causes the real truth to come out, or at least confirms guilt. It also forces prosecution to show absolute certainty in the guilt of the defendant. Reasonable doubt only leaves room for questionability, which should never be a factor when lives are at stake. Finally, reasonable doubt gives the defendant, who may or may not be guilty, a chance at freedom. If it were you or your loved one on trial for a crime, you would want reasonable doubt to be investigated thoroughly.

It is evident that I have learned many things from the movie, Twelve Angry Men. Things are not always as they seem in life, or on trial. All evidence and every circumstance must be investigated completely. Decisions should not be made without much thought and consideration. In my opinion, the men in this movie are commendable for listening to each other’s viewpoints and being flexible enough to change their own. Obviously, these men’s personal backgrounds played a role in their outlook, but in the end reasonable doubt played the biggest role. Ultimately justice prevailed.

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