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Magical Realism in "The Happy Prince"

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Magical Realism in “The Happy Prince”

In Oscar Wilde’s tale, “The Happy Prince,” there are many magical and realistic elements in the story. Both elements are unique in their own way, yet they also intertwine with one another as well. Some of the themes from the story include things such as love and compassion, time, and tragedy. These themes are characteristics of reality yet are portrayed in a magical light. Although most fairy tales are based on things that normally only occur in a magical realm, this particular story uses realistic aspects of everyday life as well as realistic imagery.

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Throughout the story, the characters serve as a representation of the traditional fairy tale characters. For example, the animals and the statue in the story are all able to talk to one another as well as having real emotional feelings. This example tells the reader that, not only are these magical elements in the story, but also at the same time they have realistic characteristics. More examples of magical realism in the story is whenever the statue and the swallow work together to help out the poor. In real life, a bird and a statue are not capable of helping people through their problems. Also, there are needy people in the real world, which is another aspect of the mundane realm. The magical part is that they actually do help out the needy people. This is another example of when the magical and realistic elements in the story unfold with one another.

Both the magical realm and the mundane one are significant in “The Happy Prince.” The realistic aspect in the story creates a more serious tone as well as a more truthful outlook about the cruel world our society as a whole has become. The magical aspect helps the realistic role in the story become more of a relaxed and happy fairy tale.

Towards the end, the story remains filled with fictional and realistic elements. For instance, there are real people, like the mayor, who will argue over the most insignificant, selfish things. The magical element in the end is when the angel chose the leaden heart of the statue and the dead bird to be the most precious things in the city. So, although the swallow and the statue end up dying in the end, they have not only saved others for the sake of their own lives, but they also taught a moral and valuable lesson, just as a fairy tale ending would.

In conclusion, both the magical and realistic elements have an impact on the story and its moral lesson to be learned. The love between the statue and the swallow is an important magical theme in the story, as is the tragedy that occurs in the end with them dying together. The important realistic theme in the story is the lesson of giving what you have to help others through hard times they may be facing. Although there are two separate realms in one story, they both unfold together to make it seem realistic in almost all aspects of life. In other words, the realistic imagery makes “The Happy Prince” a unique and wonderful fairy tale altogether.

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