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The First World War

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“Some nations were more to blame than others”

The legendary and unforgettable 0th century, an epoch of scientific discoveries, a brand new, flawlessly modern, at the same time secretly mystifying, but none the less attractive and remarkable world. Numerous developments, industrial improvements and technical growth, as well as political progression had made it a period of great changes, both socially and politically, resulting in the horrible, however colossal First World War. Before 114, the world was merely a community, resembling a battlefield, it had not yet put all the latest hi-tech machinery, of the time, into practice. A front line, which was fought by independent countries in self-sufficient ways, where your neighbour would rarely be involved and the land you fought for was the main objective, became the conflict between many nations, for everyone was in a wild race for power and foreign territories. Due to such intentions, the tension and differences of the various world communities began to evolve. Europe, being the centre of much scientific, artistic and industrial advancement, hosting numerous empires, extremely dominant and able, was gradually building up its fights, clashes and arguments over small, simple issues, which would turn into greater ones reasonably soon.

Germany, a nation of strength and remarkable pride, had taken the lead in industry, over Britain. Austria-Hungary, a multicultural environment, containing nations with those who wanted self-government and liberty, was losing its once so firm and respectably well-built supremacy over countries, such as Serbia. Britain, an independent tough and incredibly capable remote island, which wanted equal power for everyone, however remained happy as long as it was a little bit more advanced than anyone else would ever be. A dream come true, however not for long, as the rapid growth of Germany had promptly taken over her marvels. France, a plentiful and sturdy country, in pursuit of the best for her nation with the most personal and persuasive reason to achieve her needs and goals. Her revenge on Germany came out of pure intentions, for the loss in the Franco-Prussian War was seen as an embarrassment and a sign of weakness. Russia, a vast piece of land, a lot of different cultures, a fierce and passionate nation, protecting her countrymen in the land of Serbia, under the power and oppression of Austria-Hungary. She stood against cruelty, however in search of a warm-water port was forced to imply that brutality, which in my eyes could not be avoided. Italy, weak and delicately fragile, but nevertheless a significant aspect to the cause of the war, joined against the countries of Britain, Russia and France in order to increase her chances of gaining possession over more land, as she was promised by the Great Powers, including Austria-Hungary and Germany. Seemed as though every nation had a problem of its own to deal with, some argued over boarders, some maintained their position of supreme control over countries which earned for independence, some could not face reality and admit that someone had overtaken the title of “Industrial Giant”.

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Every country, before 114 had a crisis or some difficulties of its own. No nation can be labelled as the ultimate cause for the First World War. Fundamental facts, such as internal political progress and problems that occurred within that movement, should always be considered, because wars never start just like that. All the countries, mentioned above were in pursuit of personal ambitions, which linked them with others, which had similar interests and so on and so forth. Therefore, a chain of events, reactions followed after someone decided to do something vital, something which could be classified as immensely of great consequence. Every little detail, every element of the conflicts and problems in the beginning of the 0th century should be noticed, observed and studied if we are to understand how the war came to life. To prove that “some nations were more to blame than others”, we already established that everyone had a part to play in this thrilling and rousing kind of game with many of the latest technological toys. War was coming and this could be seen in the way everyone was being part of a conflict of some sort, something that would progressively build up and form a ticking bomb, which would sure enough explode one way or another. However, countries such as Germany were very conceited and pretentious about their plans, they had shown Europe their aim to overtake the “world” through building up their industry, navy (and the race with the British). No other explanation but the desire to be the greatest, most impressive and mighty empire, could be accounted for. Many of the causes of the war were due to the arrogance and wish of countries such as Austria-Hungary, which would not want to see other nations limitless of their liberty and undependable upon her authority.

A time of great confusion, chaos and the anticipation of a major event, which would be inevitable and unlikely to be disregarded, would become the product of never-ending stiffness and pressure on the side of many countries which would be fighting and making their way to freedom, the right to stand alone. Africa, an example of slavery, torture, a generally disgraceful attitude from the side of the Europeans, was am instrument to the glory and brilliance of the British. Therefore, it is now safe to say, that man in chase of his most outrageous and foolish dreams is ready to commit himself to manslaughter and viciousness, pushing away everyone in his path. The countries that wanted cash, land and power were more at fault than others, those who had delicate reasons, such as the French or the Russians, may have made a somewhat less hypercritical flaw, however this never approving their actions or proclaiming them superior to the others. Finally, it is crucial to view Europe in the 0th century as a cosmopolitan of the world, which had so much positive as well as negative potential. Although I believe this war could not have been avoided because of the many events shaping themselves into various dimensions, which could not be modified and worked around with, diplomacy and negotiations had become a thing of the past. Countries with big expensive toys made big and precious decisions, it was either war or failure, one or the other. Those who had the privilege to choose had the most power, but those who were declared war upon, had been forced into a battle of the strongest, a battle which was meant to be something fresh and exciting, turning nations into preparations and the world into silence as the First World War began.

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