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The Perks of being a Generation in a Coma

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Throughout life you’ll meet many different people. Some are bossy, while others timid, some people are well grounded, some are indecisive, others take what they get and then there are some who never stop dreaming of worlds better than our own. With their toes in the sand and their heads in the clouds, the people who spend their days day dreaming are simply wearing their rose-tinted glasses to protect themselves from the world. If you forget to take your head out of the clouds though you’re left with a very hazy perception. In a world that deals in reality, these dreamers are only setting themselves up for a slap in the face to change their illusion filled currency to reality. The exchange rate is brutal. After having read Generation X, Girlfriend in a Coma and The Perks of being a Wallflower, it is clear to see that cynicism is the natural reaction of a dreamer with an overdose of reality. In turn, this hatred for our world turns into a search for escape in any way possible.

In all three of the novels, the main characters are all ones who spend their lives hoping for something more. In the Perks of being a Wallflower, Charlie, the boy writing his story, is a spectator. Hardly participating in life, he observes and lives in his own world. He dreams of something better, something simpler, and hopes to one day find the world which is wishes to live in. All three of the characters in Generation-X settled for city jobs, destined to the same routine day in and day out. They all longed for something more, some freedom. Sitting behind a desk from to 5 has left them dull and unhappy. They all still dream their dream and wish for better days. Finally, in Girlfriend in a Coma, Karen is described as a dreamer, seeking a world larger than our own. She hopes for something more fulfilling, for the ability to achieve self growth. As each of the novels start so does the happenings of characters all seeking much more than life has given them. They each find a way of having their dream, through writing, moving out of the city into a minimalist lifestyle, and even going into a coma, however, this world doesn’t last forever.

Though Charlie is fully satisfied with the life he has come to acquire, on the sidelines, finally one day his rose-glasses are shattered by a teacher, who is merely looking out for Charlie’s best interest. He is told to finally start participating in life, but this is a lot harder for Charlie then he ever thought it would be. In Generation-X, the three may have escaped the menial city work, however, once living in their minimalist bungalows they one day get the realization that they can’t live like this forever. Upon a visit from a friend, their bubble is popped and reality sinks in. Lastly, when Karen awakes from her coma, she is ripped out of her literal dream world. She can no longer escape the truth through sleep, she must live in reality, but after 17 years in a coma it is difficult to get back into the swing of things without being sent into a world of, well, hatred of the world. This is the downturn all three book’s characters take once the onset of reality sets in.

Cynicism reins over all the characters and each seeks a way out. Charlie, being a 14-year-old boy chooses the path of drugs to feed his need of escape. Not being able to stand his own discontent he joins his friends and gets involved in with more drugs then he can handle. For Dag, Andy and Clair, of Generation-X choose to run away from it all. They decide an escape to Mexico is the best solution to their problems and will help them avoid the real world for a bit longer. Finally, Karen escapes every again by returning to her dream world. In her sleep she is fine, happy and away from the world she came to dislike so quickly on her awakening.

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When someone shattered your rose-tinted view on things the harsh realities of life become blinding, leaving you seeking shelter from the change. All three books read depict the progression of characters who began as dreamers and ended up in some form of other clouded universe. Whether or not dealing with the world at hand is possible, it’s hard to say, because none of the characters chose the path. When the cynicism hits escape follows, leading these characters into a never-ending cycle. There are many different forms of escape, from running away to the most extreme, committing suicide, when people are looking for the better in life are hit with the truth, it’s becomes hard to deal, and easier to get away.

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