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road rage

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Road Rage

Today’s roadway can be the most dangerous place. Yet everyone uses it and most don’t think about the dangers on the road. More people die on then road then airplane crashes, and train wreaks combined. Why is the road so dangerous? And what makes then so dangerous? It’s Road Rage.

Road Rage is a new term that is used to explain people’s dangerous actions on the road. From wreak less driving to speeding all falls in the definition of Road Rage. Road Rage is also a criminal offence.

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Many people get angry on the road very easily and very quickly. There can be many reasons for this. It can be problems from work, getting fired, getting layed off from there job, and family problems. Others include slow drivers, getting cut off, and being in a hurry to get somewhere, and being late for an event.

Statistics had shown that more males are arrested because of Road Rage then women. This is because the male is venerable to show his emotional stress more freely then a woman. But just because there are more males getting arrested for Road Rage does not mean that the women have nothing to o with it. They too show an increasing amount of arrests in the past years.

According to a regional survey conducted by Drs. Arnold P. Nerenberg and R. Jerry Adams, over half of drivers in the USA suffer from road rage. That means that most of us will encounter Road Rage many times. Road Rage can lead to injuries or

even death. The U.S. Highway Safety Office has testified to Congress that tens of thousands of accidents each year can be linked directly to Road Rage, and is now a leading cause of death for young children.

If you ever encounter Road Rage you have to get a hold of your emotions. The best advice is to safely get away from an angry driver as quickly as possible. If necessary, pull over and cool off before continuing. The most effective way to stop

Road Rage is to have a sign in your car that says “SORRY”. Research has shown that this calms many drivers on the road. And finally drive safely and don’t let the confusion of the road turn you into a Road Rager.

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