Friday, September 2, 2011

what most people forget

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what most people tend to forget or fanetically hide themselves from the truth. you lie once you have to cover it up again with another more sinister like... as if the last one was not bad enough, you have to fall in deeper into your own trap, while you still have eyes on the prize.

its getting away from you.

all youre looking at is a mirage of what you had hoped to get through trickery and filthy mirrors.

you could have got it, maybe, but now you are just decieving yourself into believing in the fact that you still have the prize firmly in your sites and are getting ready to aim then fire.

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it did not have to run away from you... infact it was right in front of you for a time eying and egging you to try and catch it.

dont you get it, the only way out of a lie is through the same mirky swamp you came through, maybe when you reach the other end you will be cleaner. instead you persist and dig your heels in.

i have told lies, lots of them, some really big ones too. the moment i realised that lying always leaves a bad taste in the mouth was the moment i started using it on my foes and siblings in order to get what i want.

tell them you dont like a certain frequent chastising or some unwanted, even unwarrented attention, they will give you more than enough. tell them the truth that you really do like them and actually want to be nice, even civil with them, they will do everything they can do to avoid you.

no serious, when that happens they are sniggering behind yourback trying to figure out what the hell!!. he seems to be enjoying this...

and here lies the trick of actually keeping the peace with your fellow human creatures; never show them that you actually enjoy what they are doing for you. they will pick up on the vibe, otherwise keep being nice to them, relax they will only run away from you.

a negative instance that can occur in this type of experiment is that you and your family do actually start getting along. all it takes is being civil... (but beware letting them walk all over you, now that would be a disaster!).

heres a hint, wake up early in the morning, finish all your toiletries and other necessities and tel them you like them first instance you see them. and say it with the biggest, fakest smile on your face. they will be shocked. no dont turn around and do something horrid behind their back, that will only be a waist of your time. you have thing s to do, places to go, and a whole lot less agro.

keep this up till it becomes gospel. dont force any conversation just civility (and underline no chit chat, if you aint got anything to say shut up and walk on - its only civil) or the ere situation will return and you will have to start arguing.

so do you do with all your extra time, well its up to you! no more worriying about whatt so and so said and all that confusure. now you can do everything you ever wnated to do. and guese what your mortal enemy is still trying to figure you out, and egging you for a fight.

nb if he really wants one, well suffice it to say make sure it is relevent for him to know that you really tried being nice and it is only his fault! then you can blow the fuckers head off!!!!!!!!!! sinalo manakaza

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