Wednesday, October 12, 2011


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Some events in the near past made me think about some things. I feel its important, now more than ever to start writing. I feel like I need to compensate my feelings and beliefs which I need to express. Consequently, im writing this because I have deviated lately. Precede with this malicious new beginning, a new change in the way you interpret things. You dont know where you want to go, but it only really matters where youve been. I cherish the times when I implicant the situation of feeling awkward. The realization of not knowing what to do used to fear me. But, Fear is a greater evil than evil it self. Now the such awkward moments dont bother me much. It came to me reluctantly, maybe these moments are something to think about. Its sensible that in some complex situations that I may not be able to predict the out come, but knowing that is almost a catch twenty-two. Theres always a chance in some circumstants that its necessary to improve upon which fictious thoughts that may occur. In such cases as these its easy just to give up. That would be the easy thing to do. The hard thing to do in these certain properitions is to keep moving on. This in true not only in award situations, but any case that understanding is difficult or not of preference. You can change, through the eyes of me. Take today and try to make it right. Some say change is bad. Well I guess its dependent on the variable of the problem. It bothers me that people think in such ways of a constant anger. An example would be breaking up with your girl friend. Yes, maybe it was a bad relationship in the long run. That doesnt mean it wasnt a great short-term relationship. If only they could the time to think of it like that way, maybe if they had the right frame of mind also. Time is a constant. Which means itll never stop. Humans are not a constant while living on this earth. Dont let time take advange of you. That means that at times you need to focus your energy on mental energy rather than physical. You only live once don’t waste it. The aspect of losing it all. What if one day you lose something which holds a massive amount of value. Disciplining your self to get over it. Still in the stage of denial. Why waste time thinking about what you lost. Thats a sign of wanting. Its not what you want, its what you have. Try not to forget what you have, not what you have lost. Having one last chance to get it back. What would you say? Last chances are like women. You just never know if it was ment to be that way or maybe just be left in the wind. Its times like that where its required that you open up to someone. Dont hide fear, in the end it just makes it worse. Sometimes its hard just to get out of bed, but you just never know what your going to miss. Hopefully now after reading this and the right amount of mental focus and motivation, you will surpass and rise in situations like them. Every day in every way Im getting better and better. Perhaps it is a good idea to start a new day with the right frame of mind. Learn from the past, live in the future.

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