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The year is 00X, in a small town of Onett, within the country of Eagleland, a young 15 year old boy is about to embark on a quest to help save the earth. It is night, the residents, of Onett are sleeping peacefully, then a large BOOM!!!!!!! Ness, awakens from his bed and heads downstairs. His mother tells him its dangerous to go out, but she says he still will just sneak out. She says go back and grab a bat from your sisters room. Ness sprints upstairs to find and his sister Tracy gives him a cookie, and a cracked Teeball bat. He heads off for the door, but there is an obsecne knock, he opens his door and there stands Pokey!! Pokey has always been Nesss neighbor for the longest time, but has always been a jerk, he is short, stocky, and you cant see his eyes by his long blond hair. He says that his brother Picky ran off when the comet landed and he cant find him. Ness runs off with Pokey, until they encounter a runaway dog! Ness swings his bat, but the dog keeps attacking, Pokey just used Ness as a shield!! Ness attacks again, and finally the dog goes tame...

Pokey! Why arent you helping me?? Ness yelled

I dunno, im just estatic!! Pokey whimpered

They start climbing the hill where they see evidence of police blockades. Near the top they meet Lier X. Aggerate, he says,

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People might have fainted from the blast of the comet, but not I, Ness! I have eaten alot of garlic and stayed in shape!

Ness just ignores him and continues on. Finally there a spiteful crow attacks, and manages to steal a cookie and peck Ness. Ness sets up and smashes the bat into the bird, where it drops Nesss cookie again. Ness feels a little week but then eats the cookie and feels alot better. Pokey and Ness finally encounter the comet where they see Picky crying behind a tree.

There you are Picky, ive been worried sick about you! Pokey excailmed

Its been a long night, lets go home Ness answers.

As they start to walk home, a beam of light shoots out of the comet to the sky. They notice and run back, and you wouldnt believe what they saw.... (to finish the story, pay me 5 dollars or play Earthbound!)

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