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Euthanasia is the practice of mercifully ending a

person’s life in order to free them from a disease that has

no cure, unbearable suffering, or shameful death. The Greek

meaning of euthanasia is “good death”.

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There are a few different types of euthanasia. Active

euthanasia is putting someone to death for sympathetic

reasons, like when a doctor administers a lethal dose of

medication to a patient. Passive euthanasia involves not

doing something to prevent a patient from dying, as whe ...

Most suicides appear to be associated with a long-lasting depression; they are often a permanent solution to a temporary problem. In North America, they seem to peak annually in the early springtime. One theory is that individuals decide to commit suicide while profoundly depressed in the dead of Winter, but lack the ability to organize their own death. Later, when the weather improves and they feel better, they are able to arrange their suicide.

The word euthanasia means “good death”. Each day, thousands of people suffer from terminal illnesses. The pain becomes unbearable, and the patient becomes desperate for relief. Physician assisted suicide becomes an opinion. Doctor Kevorkian agrees with this idea of dying peacefully and is well known for his assisted suicides. He has had his medical license suspended, and had been unjustly punished for his crimes. Physician assisted suicide is less expensive, humane, and offers a person a night t ...

The word euthanasia is derived from the Greek word eu for good and thantos which means death and originally referred to intentional mercy killing. But the word it euthanasia has acquired a more complex meaning in modern times. Proponents of euthanasia believe that a dying patient has the right to end their suffering and leave the world in a dignified manner. Those who contest euthanasia believe that man does not have the right to end another persons life no matter what pain they en ...

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