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Essay on Elizabeth Gwillim Simcoe

Elizabeth Gwillim Simcoe was born 176- 150, shortly after her mother, widowed, died in child birth with elizabeth. Elizabeths mothers younger sister cared for Elizabeth. In 178 Elizabeth met John Graves Simcoe, the two were married later that year.

The two moved to wolford, there elizabeth gave birth to six of their children Eliza, Charlotte, Henrietta, Caroline, Sophia and Francis.

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In 171 colonel Simcoe was appointed Lieutenant- Governor of Upper Canada. In 171, the Simcoes moved to Upeer canada, with their two youngest children.

In 17, Elizabeth remained in niagara, there Elizabeth gave birth to her 7th child, Katherine. She then moved to york, there she suffered the loss of 15 month old katherine.

Elizabeth moced back to upper canada in 175, in fear of the war with the americans would erupt. In 175 her husband was granted a leave of absence due to a series if illnesses. The simoces Sailed back to england without returning to upper canada wich they grew to love.

Elizabeths social status helped her receive an education sutibal to her socail staion, she learnd to speak 4 diffrent languages English, French, Spanish and German. Elizabeth alos studied animal life and art. In her spear time she liked to draw maps, paint in water colours and write in her diary.

Elizabeth Gwillim Simcoe is important in history because of her in- depth diary, we can learn alot about what life was like in the 1th century

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