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Area Of Study Justice

Question 1 The fact that Piggy is quite law abiding and strict, the total opposite of Jack shows that the kids each had different ideas of what justice was. Ralph was stuck in the middle and tried to mix both Piggys and Jacks beliefs to make peace in the tribe. In this way Ralph portrays any government in modern day society. While Ralph wants to go off and have fun with the hunters he knows that rules were to be laid out and followed.

This is where Simon fits in. While the other boys think he is weird, he is actually an in between type of person. He has the knowledge of the biguns and the innocence and feelings of freedom of the littluns.

The conch symbolizes law and obedience for some time, much like an adult, which Piggy tries desperately to get the others to believe in.

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Question The main symbols of justice and law are that men can be evil; if left alone to fend for themselves, they will turn back to the savage roots of their ancestors. This is seen in the novel near the end, when the tribe is hunting Ralph. This is a form of old, tribal justice where the tribe hunts the offender as game. Luckily, Ralph survives this form of law and order when he bumps into the naval officer. The officer sees that the boys have turned wild, devil like and have not had the knowledge to keep by the rules. I think he believes this because they are immature kids who wouldnt know better.

Question My response to this statements that Ralph has the right idea for survival in a normal society. Ralph, Piggy, Samneric and Simon all have roughly the same idea as each other which helps them sort of create a bond between all of them. The fact that Jack and Roger and the rest of the choir boys hung together it was only natural that they would develop the same sort of ideas as one and other. This helps them go off and make a tribe of their own with their own rules and beliefs.

The fact that Jack seems almost jealous of Ralph and him being elected as the boss shows why Jack hates him and rallies the rest of his tribe to hunt and kill him at the end.

I think this situation is portrayed basically the same in the movies as in the novel. I feel that the novel explains more in-depth about the bonds and alliances created, where the movie seems to briefly mention whos friends with whom. The fact that the movie doesnt go into too much detail about this means that you could create a different opinion of the characters much unlike what you would come up with if you read both the novel and saw the movie like we did. But watching the movie also gives you a different understanding of different events to the book.

Question 4 The individual boys each respond differently to the fact that adult rules dont apply to them anymore. The more sensible ones like Ralph and Piggy try to keep belief in the rules alive but the temptation is too strong for Jack and Roger. Once they got a sniff of freedom they take it all the way and sort of create their own government. They loose faith in the way that they were bought up and go wild. Ralph tries to step up at being the older more domineering kid and to set an example for the younger ones.

Some of the boys dont really care that there is no adult laws for them to dictate to, they actually like being free and wild, others(more so the younger ones) tend to miss their parents and their authority over them.

The boys in groups seem to have even more disregard for the rules then by themselves. This shows that they feel safer in groups and unsafe alone.

Question 5 I agree with this statement that Jack is incapable of making up his own fair laws and needs a sort of governing body to watch over him.

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