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Mythological Allegories

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The Greeks were fond of allegory. An allegory is a story in which the people and events have a second meaning, usually moral. For example, Aesop’s story of the fox and the grapes is an allegory of a person yearning for something beyond his reach, who tries to conceal from himself his own adequacies by asserting that the goal is not worthwhile anyway. Mythological allegories are teachers to us today because they show that from the beginning of time, people have had similar problems and dilemmas. They allow us to face certain situations with a sense of peace because we can expect certain behaviors from people, which lets us feel confident that we can expect a certain outcome.

Orpheus and Euridice is sumarized as a tale about two mythological characters facing hades itself. Orpheus was the son of Apollo and Calliope, he played the lyre so beautifully that he even soothed wild animals. Euridice was a lovely maiden whom Orpheus fell madly in love with. Orpheus courted Eurydice and they married to the approval of all. They were married happily for about two years until Euidice died. Euridice died in a floral meadow because of a snake bite. When Euridice died Orpheus became so terribly depressed and desperate because of this loss that he acctually sent out to rescue Euridice’s sould from the land of the dead, the underworld. Orpheus made his was thrrough Hades efforlessly, because he calmed everything with his lyre music. Pluto and Proserpina were touched by Orpheus’s burning desire so they granted him Euridice to bring back to the world under one condition that me would not look back as he exited Hades. Orpheus ended up looking back anyway because he was scared that his love may have fallen or got hurt, and just as he had saw her, she disappeared.

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